Magazines & Newspapers Mega Update (1980 – 2023)

Here comes a mega update in Magazines and Newspapers category. We’ve got a LOT of new photos, and a lot of new interviews added. Huge thanks to Twitter’s @Kiwirazzi for all the work on scanning so many of these precious treasures! I’ve also added a whole bunch of backlogged magazines I hadn’t added. It’s a total of 423 new albums.
In many magazines we didn’t have an specific date or month of release, just a year, judging by it’s content, so if you see a ca1980 or ca1987 for example it means it was published in the 1980’s decade or 1987 year. If you happen to know the exact date, please send an email in! Also, if I forgot to credit anyone, please let me know!

If the article is in a language you don’t understand, right click the image and choose the option > Search with Google > then click on Translate

I won’t be listing all the magazines names as it’d be a freaking huge list, but I’ll post an image from each folder, from oldest to newest. You can browse the gallery via Last Uploads or going by Year.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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  1. It was a HUGE pleasure to scan all those goodies and contribute them to the gallery! Glad you enjoy them as well …and well, as mentioned, I still have some in the pipeline for you.

  2. I really appreciate all of the work you have put into this. I will be going through it slowly. I just recently became a fan and look forward to looking at the information. Well done and thank you!

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