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Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Premiere in Tokyo

Posted by Annie on
December 11th, 2011

Hey guys! Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol promotion has started in Tokyo, Japan last week! Will have separate posts for each country:

  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – Tokyo Photocal – December 1, 2011
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Tokyo Premiere – December 1, 2011
  • Candids – Tokyo – Airport – November 30, 2011
  • Previews:

    Tom Cruise Talks Top Gun 2

    Posted by Annie on
    December 8th, 2011

    Tom Cruise talks to MTV about Top Gun 2. There’s a video on their website, which I can’t watch in my region (>.>). Here is the article from

    “We’re working on it.”

    That’s the official word on “Top Gun 2,” straight from the star himself, Tom Cruise, who spoke with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz during an event in Dubai for

    In the fourth “M:I” movie, Cruise returns as castoff secret agent Ethan Hunt — the only character he has ever revisited during his decades-long career. The question remains: Will he ever don the Navy jumpsuit again and hop into a cockpit as Maverick?

    A little more than a year ago, the Internet went abuzz with rumors about Cruise, director Tony Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer reuniting for a potential “Top Gun” sequel. Scott confirmed he would be directing, but Cruise’s involvement remained a mystery.

    When Christopher McQuarrie, the writer of “The Usual Suspects” and the man hired to pen the script for “Top Gun 2,” said Maverick would be the lead for the follow-up, all engines seemed go. But then things went quiet. As the major players moved on to other projects — including “One Shot,” directed by McQuarrie and starring Cruise — sequel talk died down.

    When Horowitz sat down with Cruise in Dubai, the actor updated the project’s status and shed new light on the script. “I don’t think Chris [McQuarrie] is going to write it,” Cruise said. “Chris is directing ‘One Shot’ right now, which I’m acting. We’ve got to go back in January and finish it.”

    With McQuarrie out, that leaves Cruise, Scott and Bruckheimer as the only major players left with the project, but Cruise insists he could still do a sequel.

    “I said to Tony I want to make another movie with him. He and I haven’t made a film since ‘Days of Thunder,’ ” Cruise said. “Tony and I and Jerry, we never thought that we would do it again. Then they started to come to us with these ideas of where it is now. I thought, ‘Wow, that would be … what we could do now.’ ”

    For Cruise, the two key elements to a sequel would be a worthy script and the freedom to make the movie as they did in 1986. “I hope we can figure this out to go do it again,” he said. “If we can find a story that we all want to do, we all want to make a film that is in the same kind of tone as the other one and shoot it in the same way as we shot ‘Top Gun.’ ”

    I’ll post pics on the weekend if work allows me, year’s ending but work keeps coming! The Hollywood Reporter has a review for Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol. (I’m not reading until after I’ve seen the movie, I hate spoilers!). The movie opens on December 16th at selected IMAX theaters and on the 21st wide.

    Here’s an article from the Dubai International Film Festival also from The Hollywood Reporter:

    Tom Cruise stalls the opening night gala screening after an hour-long frenzy on the red carpet.

    Tom Cruise wasn’t in Dubai long, but while he was here he made the most of it. Returning to the Emirate after shooting portions of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in the ultra-modern city last summer, Cruise swept in for the opening night gala of the film at the Dubai International Film Festival.

    With an entourage of roughly 30 people in tow, Cruise didn’t have much to say to the throngs of media assembled for his visit, but he had plenty of time for his fans. As fest attendees waited patiently for the Protocol screening to begin, Cruise took his time on the red carpet, signing posters and posing for photos with virtually every fan who asked.

    As a result, the screening was nearly two hours late, but no one seemed to care. Prior to the screening Cruise took the stage with Protocol director Brad Bird and co-stars Simon Pegg and Bollywood star Anil Kapoor to thank the Dubai fest organizers and briefly discuss the making of the film, which includes a sequence in which Cruise scales Dubai’s famed Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

    At a press conference earlier in the day Cruise praised director Bird for having “a cinematic eye that brought the location alive.” Bird heaped praise on his star, adding that Cruise was enthusiastic and meticulous about doing his own stunts, no matter how dangerous. He related how Cruise’s wife, Katie Holmes, with their daughter Suri in tow, visited the set the day Cruise scaled the Burj Khalifa, but was so nervous about the stunt she left after just two takes.

    At a lavish party following the screening attendees were treated to live music on the beach of the sprawling Madinat Jumeirah Resort. While most of the Protocol talent left early to attend the film’s Moscow premiere, Bollywood’s Kapoor stayed behind to discuss how much he enjoyed working on the film, especially since it casts his native India in such a positive light.

    “I met Tom and he said ‘I want to show India as elegant and colorful,’” he said. “I don’t want to show it as somber or poor – I want to show the colors and elegance.”

    Kapoor agreed that the film’s various settings — Moscow, Dubai, Mumbai — will certainly help it at the global box office, and added that collaborations between Hollywood and other major international film sectors like Bollywood will become more common thanks to increased collaboration.

    “For me this whole journey isn’t about how big a star I become, it’s about relationships,” he said. “It’s about Bollywood and Hollywood coming together. India is a country that is completely untapped.”

    But while Ghost Protocol may simply be the result of a more globalized film world that everyone agrees is inevitable, what’s less obvious is the role the Dubai film fest will play in that process. Less than a decade old and primarily focused on the cinema of the region, the event nevertheless took a giant leap forward in its evolution with the high-profile premiere of Protocol. For fest organizers, the star power that Cruise’s participation offers will hopefully help the region sustain an local film scene that is in its nascent stages now.

    Says DIFF managing director Shivani Pandya: “It takes us to another level. This really encourages a lot of filmmakers here. We’re not just looking at attracting big Hollywood films. We want to support our own industry. This is very important to us because we know that if you have your own indigenous industry people take it very seriously.”

    Tom Cruise Visits India’s Taj Mahal

    Posted by Annie on
    December 5th, 2011

    The “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” star is preparing for the world premiere of his film on Wednesday.

    NEW DELHI — Hollywood star Tom Cruise says his visit to India this week follows a lifelong desire to see the country.

    He said while touring the iconic, white-marble Taj Mahal mausoleum in Agra that he is “very excited” about being in the country for a fan screening of his latest action-thriller, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, days ahead of its world premiere on Wednesday.

    Cruise joins Bollywood star Anil Kapoor for the red-carpet screening Sunday in Mumbai. The film sees Cruise reprise his role as secret agent Ethan Hunt, while Kapoor plays an Indian business tycoon.

    Cruise told Press Trust of India on Saturday, “I wanted to come to India my whole life, so I am very excited.”


    The actor also posed with the stars of upcoming Bollywood release “Players,” an adaptation of “The Italian Job.”

    MUMBAI – Tom Cruise rounded off his two-day India visit Sunday night with a red carpet screening of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, held at an IMAX cinema in Mumbai.

    Arriving in a motorcade of BMWs branded with the Ghost Protocol logo, Cruise – clad in a blue shirt and jeans — was greeted by screaming fans, with whom he spent almost two hours in between talking to the media.

    “I love watching Hindi movies. There are many Hindi movies that come out every year but I do watch a few of them. (If offered a Bollywood film) I would never say no. I would love to do it,” the 49-year-old actor told reporters.

    Ghost Protocol will release in India on Dec. 16 – including dubbed versions in Hindi and regional languages — distributed by Viacom18 Motion Pictures. Viacom18 is also promoting its upcoming Bollywood title Players, an adaptation of The Italian Job, directed by the brothers Abbas-Mastan and starring actors Abhishek Bachchan and Neil Nitin Mukesh and actresses Sonam Kapoor and Bipasha Basu.

    Cruise posed with the Players cast on the red carpet for a Hollywood-meets-Bollywood moment drowned in a blaze of frenzied media flashbulbs.

    Ghost Protocol also features a brief cameo by top Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor, who accompanied Cruise throughout his India tour, including Saturday’s fleeting visit to the Taj Mahal.

    Kapoor hosted an exclusive party Saturday night at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, where the handpicked 150-odd invitees included Bollywood celebrities such as superstar actor Aamir Khan, actresses Preity Zinta and Sonam Kapoor (Anil’s daughter), directors Shekhar Kapur, Farhan Akhtar and Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty (Slumdog Millionaire).

    “What a gracious host Anil is & OMG! Tom used to be my heart throb in Top Gun!” tweeted Zinta. “Tom Cruise asked me why I was not making Mr India 2? A set up by Anil Kapoor I am sure,” tweeted Kapur.

    Anil Kapoor’s upcoming projects include an Indian version of the hit Fox TV show 24 (in which he starred during its final season). When asked if Kapoor picked up any tips from Cruise’s Ethan Hunt for his turn as the Indian Jack Bauer, the 51-year-old actor said, “Of course, being in Ghost Protocol was an experience in itself and I am sure there is something I can learn from Ethan Hunt.”

    The Ghost Protocol screening was also graced by the film’s director Brad Bird and actress Paula Patton, who greeted everyone with the traditional Indian “namaste.”

    “I have some idea of Bollywood films thanks to Anil Kapoor and I would love to work with (superstar actress and former Miss World) Aishwarya Rai,” Patton said.

    Cruise was also entertained by a brief dance performance by top Bollywood choreographer Shiamak Davar’s troupe just before Ghost Protocol screened for the 1,500 guests and fans.

    Ghost Protocol will see its world premiere Wednesday at the Dubai Film Festival, for which Cruise left Mumbai Sunday night.


    Cruise cues ‘All You Need Is Kill’

    Posted by Annie on
    December 1st, 2011

    After sitting in development limbo for many months, “All You Need Is Kill” may finally be on the fast track as Tom Cruise has agreed to star.

    Based on the graphic novel, the original story is in the vein of “Groundhog Day,” with a twist: A soldier in a war against aliens finds himself reliving his last day over and over after being killed. Through the training and battles he experiences in these time loops, he becomes a better soldier.

    While a deal with the studio isn’t officially signed, Cruise has been weighing this role for some time after continued talks with director Doug Liman.

    Sources say Warners. prexy Jeff Robinov always wanted a big star, though the script called for a younger actor like Ryan Gosling or Joseph Gordon Levitt. Studio has already had the script rewritten to make the character fit Cruise’s age.

    Dante Harper penned the script with Joby Harold doing the rewrite. Sources said Cruise liked the script so much that Liman traveled to Pittsburgh, where the thesp was shooting Paramount and Skydance’s “One Shot,” to meet with the actor about the role.

    Another important development: Liman, who’s been onboard to direct “Kill” for some time, has lined it up as his next project. For months, Liman had been weighing doing this or the Paramount space adventure “Luna,” which struggled to assemble financing and saw David Ellison’s Skydance Productions drop out — forcing Liman to turn to “Kill” for now.

    Cruise’ busy schedule could enable Liman to do both: After “One Shot,” Cruise is expected to shoot the Universal sci-fier “Oblivion” in March, then start on “Kill” in the late third/early fourth quarter of 2012. No start date is yet set.

    Cruise, repped by CAA, can be seen next in Par and Skydance’s “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol,” which bows Dec. 16, followed by New Line’s “Rock of Ages” next summer.

    Erwin Stoff, Tom Lassally and Jason Hoffs are producing through 3 Arts Entertainment.

    Harold is an exec producer on the project.

    Source: Variety

    Paramount Pictures and Imax to preview movie in large format before wide release.

    LONDON – U.K. previews of Tom Cruise starrer Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol will be on Imax screens almost a week ahead of its wide rollout across British screens.

    Imax and Paramount Pictures said the plan would be the first time a U.K. movie has been released early in Imax theaters.

    The aim from both is to reinforce the “event nature” of the movie, some of which director Brad Bird shot scenes for using Imax cameras.

    One of them sees Cruise scaling part of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, before performing a dizzying stunt by running down part of it attached to a fire hose.

    Bird’s movie sees Cruise star alongside Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton.

    The picture will play big in Imax in the U.K. from Dec. 21 this year before going wide from Dec. 26 everywhere.

    Imax also announced it is teaming with U.K. exhibition giant Cineworld Group for a revenue sharing agreement to install three new digital IMAX® theater systems in England and Scotland.

    The systems will be installed in existing multiplexes in Edinburgh, Sheffield and Nottingham.


    Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol TV Spot

    Posted by Annie on
    November 14th, 2011

    First TV Spot is out

    Gallery Updates: Knight & Day and Vanilla Sky

    Posted by Annie on
    November 12th, 2011

    Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, double dose of screen captures! Plus HQ Stills for Knight & Day.

  • Knight & Day > Screen Captures
  • Knight & Day > Movie Stills
  • Knight & Day > Posters & Covers
  • Vanilla Sky > Screen Captures (HDTV)

  • Brad Bird, who has two Oscars for his Pixar films, is on a mission to make his first live-action blockbuster but, on a recent morning, as he regaled some journalists with behind-the-scenes tales of Hollywood, there was really only one word to describe his raconteur style: animated.

    Waving his arms, hunching over and making high-decibel sound effects, the writer-director was a one-man cartoon as he unspooled a story about working on the “Ratatouille” recording sessions with Peter O’Toole. It was a good story but one suspects Bird will walk away from his new project, “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,” with far more exotic memories.

    The fourth film in the “Mission” franchise, with Tom Cruise back as super-spy Ethan Hunt, opens everywhere on Dec. 21 and, five days before that, it will get a special early run at IMAX and select prestige theaters. It was Bird who pushed hard for that early giant-screen plan — he is, quite literally, thinking big for this key career moment. But don’t think for a minute that he’s sour on his cartoon past.

    “I’m not like some animation directors and like, ‘Thank God I’m out of animation and sitting at the adult’s table, I’m tired of sitting at the kid’s table,’” Bird said with a mock, raspy anger. “I have other ideas I’d love to do in animation. My ideal career from here would be to jump back and forth and let the project dictate what medium I work in. To me it’s all storytelling.”

    The story this time starts in Russia where the Kremlin is bombed and the blame is put on Hunt and his three IMF teammates (portrayed by Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton), who must embark on a perilous globetrotting mission to get to the true villains. Shooting a Paramount Pictures tentpole in Dubai; Prague, Czech Republic; Moscow; Mumbai, India; and Vancouver, Canada, shows how much ground Bird has covered since his drawing-table days. The 54-year-old Montana native started his career as an animator with early credits like “Animalympics” in 1980 (produced, by the way, by “Tron” writer-director Steven Lisberger) and Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound” a year later.

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