Gallery Updates: Legend Blu-Ray Screen Captures

Gallery Updates: Legend Blu-Ray Screen Captures

From 1985, Tom Cruise plays Jack in the Ridley Scott movie “Legend”.

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Gallery Updates: Losin’ It DVD Captures

Gallery Updates: Losin’ It DVD Captures

Hi! I’ve added DVD Captures from the 1983 movie “Losin’ It” where Tom plays Woody.

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Paramount Shifts ‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Release Date to Summer 2015

Oh! Mission: Impossible 5 gets an earlier release date!

Tom Cruise will be back in theaters as Ethan Hunt sooner than expected.

Paramount and Skydance Productions have moved up the release of Mission: Impossible 5 from Christmas Day of this year to July 31, 2015 — the same weekend used to launch Guardians of the Galaxy, proving that August can be a lucrative corridor for event films.

Since MI5 will be completed earlier than expected, the studio decided to distance the film from J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which rolls out in theaters Dec. 18. (Abrams, who directed Cruise in Mission: Impossible III, is a producer on MI5.)

MI5 also gets out of the way of MGM and Sony’s James Bond sequel Spectre, which opens Nov. 6, according to insiders.

In its new home, the latest installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise will go up against Alcon and Warner Bros.’ Point Break redux, as well as Southpaw, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Christopher McQuarrie, who teamed with Cruise on Paramount’s Jack Reacher, directs MI5. The last film, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, released in December 2011, earned nearly $650 million globally, a franchise best.


Tom Cruise And Doug Liman Plan Mena

Possible new project for Tom! Via Empire

Edge Of Tomorrow team set for 1980s drug tale

Universal pounced on Gary Spinelli’s based-on-truth drug pilot spec script Mena last year, throwing down a million dollars to secure the rights. Ron Howard briefly considered making it, but now Edge Of Tomorrow star and his director, Doug Liman, are in talks to take over instead.

The title refers to Mena, Arkansas, the site of much of the action in the extraordinary life of Barry Seal, the focus of the film. Seal was a pilot for TWA in the 1970s who lost his job when he was caught flying plastic explosives from Miami to Mexico for an anti-Castro group. He subsequently went solo as an aviation consultant, and began a lucrative second career smuggling cannabis and cocaine between South and North America, eventually getting entangled with the notorious Colombian Medellin Cartel.

When he was caught, he made deals with the CIA and DEA to continue his activities as an informant and spy. His adventures saw him encounter infamous names like Pablo Escobar and Jorge Luis Ochoa Vasquez, expose political corruption in Nicaragua and have no small part in kicking off the Iran-Contra Affair. Seal was assassinated in Baton Rouge by the Medellins in 1986.

This could be a meaty, controversial role for Cruise and Liman feels like the right man to make it. It will all depend, however, on whether they actually lock in deals. Should that happen, expect the cameras to roll later this year.

Summit Courts Tom Cruise to Play Sean Connery Mentor Role in HIGHLANDER Reboot

Summit has been developing a Highlander reboot for years now but there were a few bumps in the road. Last year, the studio hired visual effects artist Cedric Nicolas-Troyan to make Highlander his feature directorial debut. Now Summit has set their sights on their dream casting centerpiece: Tom Cruise. The Wrap reports the studio is courting Cruise to play the mentor role that Sean Connery took on in the 1986 film. Cruise is busy shooting crazy stunts for Mission: Impossible 5, so it’s unclear if the in-demand actor is interested. A Cruise representative is direct that the actor is “far from talks” for Highlander: “He is offered tons of projects.” At the very least, this suggests Summit has higher aspirations for the property than I would have guessed. If they do land Cruise, I picture the rest of the casting falling into place sooner than later so Summit can rachet up the development process.

Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, and Melissa Rosenberg contributed to the Highlander script. Neal H. Moritz, Peter Davis, and Justin Lin will produce. More after the jump.


Tom Cruise clings to side of a military plane 5,000ft above British countryside for new Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise does a crazy stunt for the upcoming Mission: Impossible movie. And yes, it’s him doing the stunts. Head over to Daily Mail for the video and more photos


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