Fan Mail

We don’t have Tom’s mailing address, or his e-mail address, or his phone number, but if you want to send him fan mail, you can try using his producing company address.
Please include a self addressed stamped envelope if you wish to receive feedback.

The best way to contact Tom:
Tom Cruise
c/o Staff Member
Cruise/Wagner Productions (C/W)
5555 Melrose Ave
Bldg 200
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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  1. Tom Cruise, I really enjoyed your movie “Jack Reacher ” and I have the same car as in the movie (1970 Chevelle SS Red with Black Stripes. ). I have never met a celebrity and if I get lucky would you autograph my car? Everyone says that I am wasting my time but good things happen in life. If you are in the Phoenix area please stop by. Thanks so much. Mark

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