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‘Mission: Impossible 4’ Is Brewing, Said Tom Cruise

Rumor has it, Tom Cruise has revealed that a fourth ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie is in early stages and that he’s currently working on the story.

Speculation of another “Mission: Impossible” movie being developed has been broken out by the film series’ star Tom Cruise. Ain’t It Cool News reported that the depicter of I.M.F. point man Ethan Hunt suggested that he has started working on “Mission: Impossible 4” while appearing on a popular Japanese program, SMAP SMAP.

Asked about the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, the 46-year-old fessed up that “he’s working on the story right now”. Not only that, he allegedly commented that he has been thinking on “how to stage a big action sequence in downtown Tokyo” following his visit to Japan. Still, it should be noted that despite Cruise’s remark, official announcement is yet to be released.

The last “Mission: Impossible” movie seen in theaters was “Mission: Impossible 3”. Released on May 5, 2006, it opened with $47.7 million bow on its first weekend in the U.S. and then continued to rake in the worldwide total of $397.9 million. While it received mostly average to positive critics, the action movie couldn’t top the earning of either “Mission: Impossible” or its first sequel, “Mission: Impossible 2”.

Source: AceShowBiz