I try to keep track of all previous versions, but it isn’t possible sometimes… Here is what I’ve got archived:

  • version 14//2 Year Anniversary

    This is the version 14, to celebrate the 2 years of the launch of the domain tomcruisefan.com!
    A little more complicated layout, but I cheated and used layers instead of tables, which are way easier to set up…. I’ve used textures from hybrid-genesis.com, TRE,
    miss happen.
    Let me know if I forgot you!
  • version 13//Halloween 2004

    Features pictures from the movie Interview with the Vampire to celebrate the Halloween! It stayed online for 10 days!
  • version 12//All Blue

    A plain tables layout while the server was going into issues and it easier to load
  • version 11//Collateral
    Celebrating the opening of Collateral
  • version 10//Happy Birthday Tom!!!

    It features many different pictures from Movies & Magazines, all the pictures can be found in the Gallery. I used tables for the html, and the graphic has textures from infinitfan.ti-fi.com. I dont remember where I got the movie/polaroid brushes, I do know it was on VBrush Search. If they’re yours, let me know and I will credit you!
  • Version 9//Summer Time

    Featured old scans from Esquire magazine and texture made with brushes from
    Vered. It has tables, and css, I loved it, but I cant say I love those colors, I tend to get tired of yellow/orange easily….
  • Version 8//

    Lots of tables, gorgeous pictures, my favorite layout so far!
  • Version 7//

    Used plain tables and css to match the colors. I loved and hated this layout…
  • Version 6//Celebrating 1 year online

    Used plain tables and css to match the colors. Pictures from TRL
  • Version 5//Skin 1

    Used tables and css. Pictures from Esquire
  • Version 5//Skin 2

    Used tables and css. Pictures from a Vanilla Sky press conference
  • Version 4//

    Used tables and css. Pictures from Premiere
  • Version 3//

    Used tables and div layers, and css. Pictures from a Minority Report Premiere
  • Version 2.1//

    When the previous layout wasn’t working on every browser, I switched to tables and css
  • Version 2.0//

    Used css and div layers, one of my favorite layouts, but it didn’t quite worked for everyone
  • Version 1//

    First time I used plain tables and, it wasn’t so bad after all 🙂