• Q – Does Tom have an Official Website?
    A – Yes, Tom’s official website is http://www.tomcruise.com/
  • Q – Does Tom Cruise visit this website?
    A – Not that I know, probably not.
  • Q – Do you have Tom Cruise e-mail?

    A – No, I don’t have it.
  • Q – If I send you a message can you give to Tom Cruise?
    A – No, I can’t. Unfortunately I have no way of contacting Tom Cruise.
  • Q – I want to send a postcard/letter to Tom, do you have his address?
    A – I don’t have any address that is updated and can confirm that works at the moment. Sorry.
  • Q – Where do you get all those pictures?
    A – I get them online (the credits are on the links page and on the pictures page itself) or they scanned by the site visitors and friends.
  • Q – Can I send my script to Tom Cruise?
    A – I don’t know where you can send it as, I said before, I’m just a fan!
  • Q – What programs do you use to make this site?
    A – Adobe Photoshop 7 for the
    graphics, CuteHTML, Notepad
    and Microsoft Frontpage for
    the HTML. AceFTP for uploading.
  • Q – Will you make me a graphic/layout?
    A – No. I don’t have time for it. Sorry. Unless there is some $ involved….
    Go to http://www.google.com
    and search for free layouts.
  • Q – Do you know Tom Cruise in person?
    A – No. I don’t know him.
  • Q – Do you know when Tom Cruise will be in my town (fill your own town here)?
    A – Unfortunatelly, I don’t have Tom’s schedule. Whenever I find something
    about it, I post on the news
  • Q – You really don’t know Tom Cruise?
    A – No, I really don’t. I’m just a 26 years old girl from south of Brazil who has never left her country! The other webmasters are Chantal from Netherlands, and Mina from Egypt. See, we’re far far from Tom
  • Q – Can you e-mail me the pictures you have?
    A – No. That’s why I have a website! I have over 7GB of pictures. If you want the pictures I have they’re all available at the gallery: https://www.tomcruisefan.com/gallery.
    To save them to your computer, simply right click over it and choose Save Image.
  • Q – Can you send me your pictures in a cd?
    A – No! Absolutely not.
  • Q – I have some Tom Cruise pictures that you don’t have, can I send them to you?
    A – Of course!!! Send them to Annie. Make sure the pictures are in .jpg and if it’s possible, not over 500k each.
  • Q – Can you help me find what products Tom uses on his hair/what brand of clothes he wears? (Or anything like that…)
    A – Sorry, but I really have NO IDEA of what type of shampoo he uses, or what is his hairstyle type, what is the brand of that cool sunglasses, or anything. I’ve never seen Tom advertising those stuff, and, all I can do is guess. And, I’m not a good guesser…. My tip is if you want to get his hairstyle, get a picture of Tom and take it to the person that will cut your hair. Also, this person should be the person who can actually help you on having a better hair.
  • Q – I can’t download the videos!! I can’t open the files!! Or anything concerning videos.
    A – If you keep trying to download and the file won’t finish, youneed to get a downloading program to manage to download.
    What’s happening is that server is getting much more traffic than usual, and when it reaches a certain level, it will restart, which makes your download stop. To download it properly, you can use a program such as Download Accelerator or GetRight, which will resume your download.
    To download one of those programs you can go on Download.com. All those programs have free versions!
    All videos are compressed with WinRar, which you can download at RarLabs.com
  • Q – Are you a scientologist, or is this site run by scientology church?
    A – That was one of the most ridiculous e-mail I’ve ever receveid. Really. No, I’m not a scientologist.
  • Q – I don’t like Tom Cruise’ point of view on _______ (insert subject here).
    A – Well, I don’t care. This site is called Tom Cruise Fan for a reason. It’s because we’re fans. It doesn’t mean that we agree with everything that he says, but that doesn’t mean that we’re gonna waste our time arguing about it. Please, there is so much better things to do.