Minority Report DVD News

As of December 29th, 2002, Minority Report DVD leads both in DVD sales and rentals. According to Hollywood Reporter, the DVD has earned $29.4 million on the rental front and has sold more than 5 millions units across North America.

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The Last Samurai News

The Stax Report: Special Year 2002 Retrospective
Stax cites the best and worst scripts he reviewed this year.

December 19, 2002 – Stax here with a year-end retrospective on the best and worst screenplays I’ve covered at IGN FilmForce during 2002. (Be sure to check out my 2000 and 2001 retrospectives, too.) I’m including quotes from my original reviews that explain why these scripts made my list. (I’m excluding Sherlock Holmes and the Vengeance of Dracula from consideration as that review originally appeared at my now defunct site Flixburg back in 2000.)
3) The Last Samurai, by John Logan. Haunted Civil War hero Captain Woodrow Algren (Tom Cruise) is now a drunken pitchman for Winchester Repeating Arms when the Japanese government hires him to go to Japan and serve as an “advisor” to their military. Recently restored emperor Meiji wants to transform his military from a society of samurai warriors into a modern army. The samurai, however, will not go out gently. A large rebel faction, led by the charismatic poet-warrior Katsumoto, are branded traitors and ordered quashed. After Katsumoto captures him in battle, Algren spends the next few months recuperating in Katsumoto’s mountain village where he learns about Japanese culture and the ways of the samurai. Algren’s loyalties soon become torn between the noble samurai he’s grown to respect and the duplicitous fellows who hired him.

“The Last Samurai is a rousing adventure yarn, an intriguing commentary on a key turning point in the history of Japan and its relationship with the United States, as well as an enlightening lesson on Japanese culture and the titular samurai. … What I enjoyed most was the story’s (rather overt) parallels to contemporary issues as it recounts America’s first foray into Southeast Asian affairs. … The story’s ‘white man living amongst the natives’ plot made me want to rename this tale Dances with Samurai.”

The Last Samurai News

First Look at Tom in The Last Samurai
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Minority Report

Minority Report was chosen #4 movie of the year by Mike Clark from USA Today:

4. Minority Report. It is a mystery but also a thriller but also science fiction — and it has perhaps the funniest and most creatively integrated product placement ever. This futuristic cop drama is everything a summer movie — and a first-time collaboration between Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg — should be.

Narc Premiere

‘Narc’ Premiere

Movie titan Tom Cruise was walking the beat Tuesday night in Los Angeles with Ray Liotta and Jason Patric for the premiere of their gritty new thriller, “Narc.”

But in this movie, Tom isn’t the star. After seeing Ray and Jason in the drama, he signed on as executive producer. Tom says, “It’s just a great movie. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out. It’s just a beautifully made picture.”

The film follows two burned out cops investigating the brutal slaying of one of their partners by going deep into the underworld of drugs. This low budget pick is already getting big Oscar buzz.

They made the film in just 26 days, and Ray Liotta had to put on 26 pounds. Losing it wasn’t easy. Ray says, “I worked out like a maniac. Working out, diet, and no carbs after noon.”

While ray lost the weight, Tom told “Extra” that the one thing he can’t seem to lose is the beard he grew while filming “The Last Samaurai” in Japan. He says, “I still got the scruffs, yeah. I haven’t been able to shave yet.”
There were a pic:
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