Minority Report

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of update. Tom has been out of the media, since his is shooting The Last Samurai, and there haven’t been much news. I have a lot of pictures to add, not much new, but 2 from the time when Tom was recording the voice for Space Station. I’ll have the pictures up by the weekend.

Here are some Minority Report news:

The Empire Awards 2003

The flash of cameras, the cheer of crowds and the glare of spotlights tracing across the sky marked a very special occasion taking place on London’s Park Lane tonight. The Dorchester Hotel was the seat of all the action as Hollywood’s best and brightest joined a choice selection of British movie-making talent for the 2003 Empire Awards.
Next up was the award for Best British Actress and it was Samantha Morton’s part as a shaven-headed psychic in Minority Report that won the vote.
Minority Report bagged a further two awards, becoming the evening’s star performer, with Tom Cruise being named Best Actor and Steven Spielberg Best Director. Neither could be present to accept their trophies in person but both spoke to the audience via recorded video clips, with Spielberg’s including a cameo appearance from another major Hollywood star.

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Sound clips

Here you can find some sound clips from the tv show Ebert & Roeper:
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The Last Samurai News

One more picture from The Last Samurai, thanks to Fanny:

New Pictures

Lots of new pictures, check here

The Last Samurai News

Hey, 2 more piccies, they’re from Movieline!!!! Fanny, I love you!!