The Last Samurai Shooting

This was posted by Bettyblue at the Tom Cruise Web Board, very interesting, Thanks Betty!
It’s from an Italian Newspaper called La Repubblica and it was published on November 15th:
“Tokyo 1875 … And at the center of the set a perfectly choreographed fight is taking place right now: a blow in the rear, the actor falling to the ground, yelping in pain, the bayonets being pushed against his head. Then the actor gets up, smiling that dazzling smile all his own, ready to go again, ready to fall again with a moan, ready to yell his lines in Japanese language, “OROSO, OROSO!” (stand still, stop) … Tom Cruise now founds himself in this 19th century Tokyo, built on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank … Cruise, who for this movie has let his hair and beard grow very long, is a perfect host as he accompanies me in a guided tour around the set”.

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