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THE Cannes Film Festival next month may be the first public confrontation for Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman. Cruz will be there because her latest pic, a remake of the swashbuckler “Fanfan La Tulipe” with Vincent Perez, is opening the fest, and she never goes anywhere public without Cruise glued to her side. Kidman is going for the new Lars von Trier film, “Dogville.” No one knows the schedule yet – there could conceivably be a week between their visits, as the festival runs two weeks. But it will still be a Penelope-Nicole popularity and beauty contest on the Croisette.

And this from People News
Tom, Pene and Nicole to meet
Cruzing for a bruising?

Gardez vos chapeaux – the south of France will be the setting for the first public meeting of Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz. Next month’s Cannes Film Festival may well become the next high-profile war zone as the holy Hollywood trinity converge upon the famous French town. Cruz, who rarely leaves the house without her favourite accessory (Tom) is there to promote her film Fanfan La Tulipe, a remake of the 1952 swashbuckling classic. Kidman will be there to scope out Dogville, the new Lars von Trier flick. A meeting is not guaranteed as the festival spans a fortnight, but as Fanfan opens festivities and Nicole rarely turns down such opportunities, a red carpet clash could be on the cards. About time too, as the trio seem to have circling each other warily for months. Cruise has kept in touch with Kidman since being the first to congratulate her on her Best Actress Oscar. They are both due to appear in films about witches, which went into production while they were still a couple. Kidman has just bought a $5 million New York flat overlooking one owned by Penelope. More worrying for Tom is the fact that Cruz is soon to appear in a Jekyll and Hyde remake with Jude Law, romantically linked with his ex in the past. Is there some weird synchronicity thing going on here?

About Tom congratulating Nicole…. (From: People News

The first person to call and congratulate Nicole Kidman on her Oscar success was her ex-husband Tom Cruise. Pals say that Cruise, who has so far remained Oscarless (despite being nominated three times) called Nic from New Zealand, where he is filming The Last Samurai, shortly after she turned on her mobile phone to congratulate her. Nicole responded by promptly bursting into tears. A friend of the alabaster actress said, ‘The emotion of the evening was all a bit much for her. She was genuinely shocked that Tom called her so soon. It meant a lot.’ Cruise has been a staunch supporter of his ex wife’s career – last year he used his Academy membership vote to back Nicole to win an Oscar for Moulin Rouge.

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Cruise gets airborne
From correspondents in Auckland

FILM hunk Tom Cruise yesterday spent two hours stunt-jumping with his children.

The star exclusively booked the 192m Sky Jump – which costs $195 to do a cable-controlled leap – for a fun afternoon with Isabella, 10, and Connor, 8.

“They all dived out like Superman, and then on Tom’s second jump he did a little run and did a big ‘Whoop’,” said the jump’s PR manager Delwyn Lewer.

Cruise is currently living in Taranaki while filming The Last Samurai.

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Cruise to attend Crowe’s wedding

Crowe’s sunday wedding is well underway. Despite claims the guest-list does not include celebrity types, there are rumours in town of famous faces expected to attend, including US movie star Tom Cruise, former husband of Nicole Kidman.

Cruise, who has been spotted in the past hooning around Coffs Harbour’s picturesque hills with Crowe on Ducati motorbikes, is understood to be flying in from New Zealand, where he is filming The Last Samurai.