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Character: Jack Reacher

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A city is thrown into chaos following a shooting that leaves five dead. What at first seems like a simple case to solve becomes complicated when the accused requests that Jack Reacher be put on the case.

“One shot, one kill” is the military sniper’s creed. A gunman fires into a rush hour crowd, murdering five victims with six shots. The evidence leads the police to James Barr, a former Army sniper. He’s arrested but only says two things to the police: “‘They got the wrong guy,” and “‘Get Jack Reacher for me.'” Reacher is a former Army Military Police officer, a drifter with no job, no car, no home, but with a sharp moral clarity in a modern climate of moral ambiguity. When Barr and Reacher were both in the military, Barr murdered four people during the Gulf War, similar to the recent shootout, and Barr had walked free on a technicality. Reacher swore he would track the sniper down if he ever tried it again.

Reacher believes Barr is guilty but Barr’s sister Rosemary is convinced her brother is innocent, enlisting young defense lawyer Helen Rodin against her D.A. father and a prosecution team that has a secret of its own. When Reacher arrives, Barr has been beaten so badly he can’t remember anything about the day of the murders, leaving Reacher to form his own conclusions. Reacher knows the shooter missed one shot on purpose, giving Reacher one shot at the truth. Reacher goes to the sniper’s practice range and learns some facts from Samuel Cash, the former U.S. Marine who owns the shooting range, which make him doubt the guilty airtight case against Barr. Cash is unwilling at first to reveal information or records to Reacher, but later on shows him 32 sheets from three years of target paper of Barr’s practice at his range, every single sheet with dead-on maximum scores. Reacher adds Cash’s information to the case evidence and his weaponry knowledge. Helen and Rosemary also analyze the clues and help convince Reacher that Barr could be innocent, which means someone set up Barr as the sniper. Someone is also trying to get Reacher off the case as he gets closer to the unseen enemy pulling the strings. During the investigation, Reacher clashes with a Russian gang, masquerading as legitimate businessmen. The gang’s capo spent most of his life in the infamous Soviet Gulag and is known only as The Zec. Reacher is at his best under extreme stress and during battles, outwitting the mob guards in the Russian gang’s fortress, efficiently and brutally dispatching five hoods before confronting the boss and forcing him to come clean on the whole scam and set-up.

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