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Death Race 3000

March 22nd, 2005

Tom and his co-producer Paula Wagner are going to produce the movie “Death Race 3000”, a remake of the 1975 cult classic Death Race 2000. Empire Online:

“Like all good exploitation films, it was a thickly disguised satire on corporate control of a nation’s love of bloodsport – like Rollerball (also 1975) without the boring talky bits, and a lot more visceral action… in this case, pedestrians being run over as a means of scoring points for the drivers. In a word, brilliant.
The remake is being produced by Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner (so it’s going to attract a decent budget), Jeremy Bolt, Anderson, and the best news of all… Roger Corman! So if 3000 can stay true to 2000’s exploitation roots, we might have a bundle of fun on our hands. Don’t get your hopes too high just yet, though, as P.W.S. has already mentioned changes in tone. “The original was so much about decimating pedestrians that the actual race was almost irrelevant, and I want to restore that” he says. Oh, an apparently it’s not going to be set in the year 3000, either, updating only as far as 2020. ”

M& reports almost the same.

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