Vote for Tom!

ET is having a poll to decide who should be Jay Leno’s last guest! Go vote for Tom!!

The voting is over, but who won?

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Vote for Tom!

Empire is making a survey on who are the Top 10 Sexiest Movie Stars Ever! Go Vote!:
Empire Online

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Cruise was nominated for AOL moviegoer awards, you can vote for him here. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! (you can vote more than once on different desktops)

Vote for Tom!!

Hello! Magazine has in it’s monthly poll Tom Cruise as one of the nominees for Most Attractive Man. You can vote ones a day so add this link Hello!Magazine to your ‘favorites’ and vote for Tom this month! At the end of the year we can choose the most attractive man out of the monthly winners. And maybe they will produce more stories and pics on Tom!
Penélope is up for Most Elegant Woman, if you like you can vote for her here.
Tom & Pen were spotted by the fashion police of E! Online, see a picture here.

In contrary to the international success of TLS (see posting by Fanny) the LOTR 3 is still the number one in the UK and Ireland, according to the BBC; Rings resists Samurai offensive. Well, I can live with that, after all the LOTR is one out of three movies and has a famous ‘history’ with Tolkien’s books. Considering that a no. 2 positions is great! reports what Tom and the other crew members did in their spare time while shooting in New Zealand: Cruise in love again

Vote for Tom!!

Hello! Magazine has it’s weekly vote for ‘Most attractive man’ and Tom’s one of the guys! So go to the site and vote for Tom as the Most Attractive Man!
The week’s winner will be included in a monthly poll and the monthly winners will be entered in a Grand Finale at the end of the year, so GO FOR IT!!
And by the way: If you think Penelope is the Most Elegant Woman you can also vote for her here.

Vote for Tom!

You can vote for Tom as the most attractive male for Hello Magazine here. You can vote for Penelope as the most attractive woman as well.

And here is more on the MENTOR awards

Cruise was at the ceremony to receive the Excellence in Mentoring award for his role in founding the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (HELP) set up in 1996.Inside the ceremony Cruise’s long-time friend, Paul Newman, welcomed him and presented him with the award.

Afterwards, Cruise gave a lengthy speech about the importance of mentoring and praised the evening as a great honour.

“I was diagnosed with being dyslexic, and I really had a hell of a time learning, a hell of a time. It was very difficult,” he said.

“I came up with all kind of tricks; I had to get through auditions.

“For me, as successful as I was, I always saw the mountain. I knew there was a limit to what I could do with my life.”

Dyslexic or not, no one can doubt the enormity of Cruise’s success. He is now working on a variety of projects, including the next instalment of the Mission Impossible movies.

He said, “(I’m) Working on MI3, with Joe Carnahan. We’ve got a bunch of films that we’re producing. Just a bunch of stuff. It’s rocking right now.”

Also, more interviews coming soon!