Tom Cruise Taught Me To Kiss, Says Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton got a kissing lesson from Tom Cruise, she has revealed. The actress admitted her lip-lock skills weren’t up to scratch when filming Mission Impossible 2 with the Hollywood star, so he took it upon himself to give her a few tips with her love scenes. She said:

“It was the last scene in the film…I nearly died and we’re reunited and I had to do this very passionate clinch and I was squashing his face too much when I was kissing him…he was like “hey Thandie, no, God, God no” and so he goes to look at the monitor to see how it looks and he says “Thandie, Thandie come you’ve got to see this”.

“So I run to the monitor and he shows me and he’s right, I’m going at it like I’m burrowing after something. “So then we ran back on to the set, we did it again and then we ran back to the monitor, looked at it again, not quite right, back again so by the end it was this perfect, perfectly choreographed kiss. I was avoiding his nose, he was avoiding my nose and that was it. But yeah it was a very odd 20 minutes at work.” (infosjeunes)