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Tom Cruise: Musical Star?

Tom Cruise has starred opposite a lot of leading ladies during his 25-year acting career, but will he ever make a movie with his wife Katie Holmes?

“I would love it,” the PEOPLE cover subject tells Entertainment Tonight Canada. “Look at Newman and Woodward: if you find the right project … I’m not opposed to doing that. I love her work as an actress.”

Cruise, who told the show that he has seen Holmes 20 times in her Broadway debut, All My Sons, has even considered following his wife to the stage.

“I’ve been offered things and it’s never been the right timing,” says the Valkyrie star. “But if I can find something I would like it.”

On the subject of trying new things, Cruise – whose onscreen singing experience includes warbling a few notes of an Aimee Mann song in 1999’s Magnolia, to say nothing of his memorable serenade of Kelly McGillis in 1986’s Top Gun – is looking to make a musical someday.

“I always wanted to do a musical, and I’m glad musicals are now back in vogue,” says the self-proclaimed Sound of Music fan. “I gotta sing, I gotta dance and I’m going to figure all that out.”

For now, Cruise has more pressing problems, such as the pressure of making Holmes’s 30th birthday next week a uniquely memorable one.

“Hey man, I know pressure,” says Cruise. “I like pressure.”