Tom Cruise Awarded With Own National Day In Japan

Tokyo, Japan (AHN) – Tom Cruise has fans all over the world lining up for his attention – especially in Japan. Because of his love, time and devotion to the country, the cutie-patootie actor was recently awarded with his own special day named after him.

The Japan Memorial Day Association notes that Tom’s love, admiration and dedication to the country is what led the actor to be presented with his own special day.

Before filming began for “Mission: Impossible 3,” Tom’s last feature film was “The Last Samurai” a box office success in 2003. Tom has said he spent endless hours researching his role in the movie – a movie which focuses on Japanese culture and tradition. According to, the movie grossed $117 million more in Japan than in the U.S.

Tom has a huge fan base in Japan – fans who appreciate the actor’s efforts and time to visit the country more than any other major Hollywood star. His last trip to Japan was last spring to promote the upcoming “Mission: Impossible 3,” where he spent time with over 100 fans on a train tide from Osaka to Tokyo. During his stay, Tom also revealed that he would love to shoot another “Mission” installment in Japan.

According to the Japan Memorial Day Association, Tom is the only Hollywood celebrity to ever be awarded with a day named in his honor.

Source: AllHeadLineNews

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