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Narc Premiere

‘Narc’ Premiere

Movie titan Tom Cruise was walking the beat Tuesday night in Los Angeles with Ray Liotta and Jason Patric for the premiere of their gritty new thriller, “Narc.”

But in this movie, Tom isn’t the star. After seeing Ray and Jason in the drama, he signed on as executive producer. Tom says, “It’s just a great movie. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out. It’s just a beautifully made picture.”

The film follows two burned out cops investigating the brutal slaying of one of their partners by going deep into the underworld of drugs. This low budget pick is already getting big Oscar buzz.

They made the film in just 26 days, and Ray Liotta had to put on 26 pounds. Losing it wasn’t easy. Ray says, “I worked out like a maniac. Working out, diet, and no carbs after noon.”

While ray lost the weight, Tom told “Extra” that the one thing he can’t seem to lose is the beard he grew while filming “The Last Samaurai” in Japan. He says, “I still got the scruffs, yeah. I haven’t been able to shave yet.”
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Source: Extra