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Hey guys! I’m back! And guess what happened? I was amongst the audience to watch Jamie Foxx on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno having no idea that Tom Cruise would make a surprise appearance. I MET TOM CRUISE! Well technically! You can hear me having a heart attack when you watch the show, of course, you can visit the forums with my detailed encounter!

On to the news.

Collateral Cast will be on Good Morning America all this week. All the Entertainment shows are having a Collateral week, don’t forget to check that out.

  • Jeff Wells RAVES about Collateral. Calls it Cruise’s best performance to date and predicts he will be nominated. Read the review here
  • Collateral Rave number 2. Read here!

    Now comes Collateral, a 21st Century crime noir thriller in which Tom Cruise plays a hitman who’s really good at killing people. It seems somehow appropriate that Cruise and co-star Jamie Foxx are both at the top of their game, since director Mann returns to the stylish suspense drama that made him a top filmmaker to begin with. Despite being contrived and predictable at times, Collateral ultimately succeeds as a beautifully shot, well-acted and thoroughly engrossing psychological drama that closes the noteworthy part of the summer movie season with a veritable bang.”

  • Oh look! Another positive review!

    “The main selling point of this movie isn’t Michael Mann’s name, but rather getting to see Tom Cruise play a bad guy. Is he good when he’s bad? You better believe it. One thing I’ve always said about Cruise is that he gives 110% in all of his performances, regardless of how strong or weak the script may be. This film holds true to that theory. Cruise maintains his attractive leading man qualities, but takes us down a different road entirely. Watching him work is fascinating, particularly through the eyes of Michael Mann.”

  • Variety likes the film, loves the performances!
  • Collateral will play at the Venice Film Festival in September
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    Collateral News

  • Lots of Collateral News. First, some new pictures. View them here.
  • Collateral at the LA Film Festival:

    Cruise, Foxx, Mann are presenting selected new scenes from Collateral and sitting for a discusson on their collaboration on Friday, 6/18 at 7:30 PM at the Pacific Theatre in LA. This is all in conjunction with the LA Film Festival which kicks off today.

  • here is an absolute new and gorgeous picture of Tom, taken on June 3rd, in Santa Monica. Thanks Pili.
  • Michael Mann’s COLLATERAL Named Opening Night Film of the 8th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival

    The highly-anticipated thriller COLLATERAL, starring Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith and Mark Ruffalo under the direction of Michael Mann, has been selected as the opening night screening of The Eighth Annual Urbanworld Film Festival, presented by MTV 2. The star-studded event will be held on Wednesday, August 4 at the Magic Johnson Theaters in the heart of uptown Manhattan with principal cast and filmmakers in attendance.

    COLLATERAL is the perfect film to open this year’s Urbanworld. Not only because of the explosion of talent both in front of and behind the camera. But, because this picture illustrates what the term ‘urban’ truly represents in 2004,” explained festival founder Stacy Spikes. “‘Urban’ is about sensibility, not just ethnicity. Michael Mann captures the essence of this ideal through his breathtaking images of Los Angeles and the diverse populations that make our cities thrive.”

    Here is the full article.

  • Lastly, two new photos of Tom:

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

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    Collateral news

  • Here’s a positive Collateral script review. Good read, but it’s a much older draft.
  • Tom Cruise wins Emma Award for Best Actor for TLS

    Tom Cruise took the award for best film actor for his role in The Last Samurai, while the late martial arts legend Bruce Lee was named recipient of the honorary lifetime achievement award.

  • Don’t forget to vote for Tom at the MTV movie awards
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    Collateral news

    EW’s summer pick:

    Michael Mann thinks Tom Cruise is at his best when he’s playing bad. So while some may prefer the winking charmer from ”Top Gun,” the ”Ali” director prefers Cruise served up slick and angry, like the seething motivational speaker he played in ”Magnolia.” In Mann’s new movie, the actor, his pretty head of hair shorn and dyed a gunmetal gray, plays Vincent, an assassin with a fast mouth and a cold heart. ”He does baaaaad things,” fizzes Mann, ”and you can’t take your eyes off him.” Costar Jamie Foxx seconds the casting choice. ”Michael Mann is a genius,” he says. ”Because we know that Tom Cruise is a good-lookin’ dude. But the thing about good looks — when you make ’em evil, man, it’s an interesting thing.”

    Foxx plays Max, a mild-mannered, classical-music-loving L.A. cabbie, and the story kicks into high gear when Vincent, a killer on the hunt, slips into his backseat. ”It’s going to be a real ride,” promises Cruise. ”The structure of the screenplay, you could tune your piano to it.” ”The whole movie traverses Los Angeles in one night,” says Mann. ”From a high-end norteño disco with 3,000 people in it or a club in Koreatown or Leimert Park in South Central, we’re taken there by Max and Vincent.”

    The chemistry between Cruise and Foxx flowed even when the cameras weren’t rolling. Foxx, who unironically refers to himself as the Inspiration, went so far as to nickname his costar the Intangible: ”I said, ‘Because you’re good-lookin’ and you’re still honest and courteous and kind.”’ With two such heady forces playing his leads, no wonder the director was able to relax and enjoy himself. ”Michael Mann definitely has a reputation,” says Foxx, who worked with him on ”Ali.” ”His shoots can be grueling. But he smiled on this movie! We all became friends. They even ended up at my birthday party. My homies were like, ‘Yo, what the hell is Michael Mann and ‘Last Samurai’ doing up in here?!”

  • Also, PLEASE keep voting for Tom for the MTV movie awards. You can vote as many times as you like. Heck, I gave him 300 votes in 20 minutes.
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    Entertainment Weekly’s 2004 preview:


    Tom Cruise is a baaaad man. At least he plays one in Michael Mann’s new movie. Grizzled and scarred, Cruise is a contract killer on the hunt in L.A. Mann, who has a history of challenging actors with unexpected roles — Russell Crowe in ”The Insider,” Will Smith in ”Ali” — loved the idea of Cruise indulging his blacker side. ”He brings so much aggression and charged energy to this character and a kind of dark, wonderful humor to it,” says the director.

    To get into the head of a hired gun, Cruise became close friends with a firearm, trained in hand-to-hand combat, and dabbled in undercover surveillance. His foil in the movie is Jamie Foxx, who plays a cabbie forced to chauffeur the killer to his crimes. (Rounding out the cast, Mark Ruffalo and Peter Berg are cops, and Jada Pinkett Smith plays a marked woman.)

    The story kicks off at dusk and climaxes by dawn. ”The structure of the screenplay, you could tune your piano to it,” promises Cruise. ”It’s that tight and that sharp.” Meanwhile, Mann has turned his cast and crew into a gang of night crawlers. ”The night in L.A. is alive,” he says. ”The whole evocation of life cruising through the night is to me a really interesting odyssey to try to base a film on.” Sounds like we should catch the midnight show.

    And of course, a new picture! (click to enlarge)