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Top Gun News and Website issues

  • Paramount is going to release Top Gun: The Collectors Edition this November. No news on extras yet. (Thanks to Architect for the news)

  • And guys, please try to understand where Annie is coming from. Ya’ll are trashing this site with your comments. Reviews of Collateral have NOTHING to do with Tom, Nicole or Penelope, so don’t give me the “we’re commenting on the news” excuse. We’re seeing LONG comments extremely rude and obnoxious. The purpose of comments is to say a word or two on the latest news. If you want to talk about Tom, Nicole or Penelope’s life story, go to the forums. If you can’t except the rules of this site, please don’t come here.

    Collateral Trailer!

    Collateral has a Official Website (Thanks Andrew for pointing it out), where you can watch the Teaser Trailer of the movie! Go watch it!! I love it already…
    I’ve made Screen Caps of the trailer

    Long Beach Grand Prix

  • Pictures of the Long Beach Grand Prix are available here
  • Tom Cruise Flies….

  • Found some new pictures, not sure when they were taken, I’m guessing a few days ago, but, just guessing…, anyway, they are from Tom flying Old War planes, click here to view the pictures.
  • People Magazine scans

  • Just added scans from People magazine, thanks Mariana
  • Long Beach Grand Prix

  • It looks like Tom is back to California. The picture caption is:
    Actor Tom Cruise, right, talks with actor and Newman/Haas racing team owner Paul Newman before the start of the CHAMP Long Beach Grand Prix in Long Beach, Calif., Sunday, April 18, 2004. Cruise took a ride during the pace laps before the start in a two-seat CHAMP car.
  • Gallery Update!

  • Just finished updating the gallery, just need to finish the Public section, which I will do tomorrow, so far, almost 2000 news pictures!
  • Click here to view them. Go following the ‘New’ sign!

    New piccies!

    Yes! I know what you thinking… ‘Annie is finally updating!!’
    Yep, got some time to add some pictures:

  • Details Magazines (better quality scans, plus a HOT new one, thanks to architect!)
  • Leaving Spice Restaurant (BIG versions of the small ones that were posted last week)
  • Pics of Tom in Germany looking for Mission: Impossible 3 Locations
  • Tom in Africa looking for Locations for Mission: Impossible 3
  • Enjoy!!


    There is a pic of Tom in April’s issue of InStyle magazine, Fabi has scanned and sent to me. You can view the pic here

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