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Interesting Facts About Rain Man

Interesting Facts About Rain Man

I’ve updated the gallery with goodies from the 1988 movie Rain Man. Below are the links and Interesting Facts About Rain Man.

Interesting Facts About Rain Man

Tom Cruise is famous for many great films over the years, but few are as lauded as Rain Man. While Cruise is best known for his exhilarating action films with incredible stunts, 1988’s Rain Man sees Cruise show a more refined side in a sensitive, thoughtful and touching film starring opposite Dustin Hoffman in one of his finest roles. Barry Levinson’s film sees Charlie Babbitt (Cruise) come to learn of and eventually love his brother Raymond, who has savant syndrome and FG syndrome. It is an emotional, dramatic, and, at times, very funny film and one that has a lasting legacy. Here are a few interesting facts about the film.

An Iconic Scene Was Improvised

One of the most iconic and comedic scenes of the movie was one that was entirely improvised, resulting in real-life reactions from both Cruise and Hoffman. In the scene, the two brothers are
cooped up in a phone booth when Hoffman’s character breaks wind. Whether it was something that Hoffman planned before or he was simply feeling flatulent remains a mystery, but it is a scene
that certainly added a lot to the film!

Rain Man Was Based on a Real Person
The character of Raymond is known as Rain Man to his brother, and this has now become a common phrase for someone that has a remarkable recall of details and an impressive memory.
The character of Raymond was based on someone that was a real-life savant called Kim Peek. Savant syndrome is a rare condition where someone with a mental disability has particular abilities far beyond the average person. In the film, one of the most famous examples of this is when a waitress spills a box of toothpicks on the floor with Raymond studying them and calculating that there are 246 toothpicks. Hoffman spent a lot of time with Peek in preparation for the role, and he was even given the Oscar for best screenplay.

It Was One of the First Movies Shot Inside a Casino

In the film, the brothers manage to make over 86 thousand dollars thanks to Raymond’s ability to count cards. It is an iconic scene and actually one of the very first films to shoot inside a casino – the legendary Caesar’s Palace. No doubt that this encouraged many people to start playing blackjack, and these days you can play blackjack and many other casino games online. You can even find free spins and other bonuses to take advantage of at places like While you might not win as big, you should find it to be a thrilling experience.

One Scene Is Often Deleted on Flights

If you ever watch Rain Main on a flight, you might find that it is slightly shorter than the full-length version. This is because a scene is often cut involving Raymond reeling off various facts about airline disasters throughout history! Rain Man is unquestionably one of Cruise’s finest performances and proof that he is much more than an action superstar. There are many great things about this film, including these interesting facts.