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Here are some magazines from the past few months talking about Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation:

Magazines Scans

Here are some magazine scans from Fotogramas, Entertainment Weekly and LA Weekly Cover (which has a very interesting article over at their website), thanks Claudia.

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Total Film July 2014 Scans

Scans from the July issue of Total Film featuring Edge of Tomorrow are up in the gallery, thanks Lindsey!

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Empire Magazine – Tom Cruise wants you to get your copy!

A very nice mashup of Tom’s covers on Empire magazine, have you gotten yours yet?

Empire Magazine May 2014 Scans

Hello everyone! I’ve added digital scans from the May 2014 issue of Empire Magazine. Huge thanks to Claudia for helping me with these!

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Tom Cruise covers May issue of Empire Magazine

Tom Cruise is on the cover of the May issue of Empire Magazine, which is celebrating it’s 25th Year! The magazine also has a special cover for subscribers. It’ll be on newsstands this thursday, March 27th. (Click images to the gallery and view bigger versions!).

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Tom Cruise is a force of nature, an actor who has sustained his career across three decades now at the very peak of his profession. During the last 25 years, he has appeared on more Empire covers than anyone else, and with his new film Edge Of Tomorrow approaching cinemas, we chose Cruise as this month’s cover star and the subject of a career-spanning interview inside. Inside the magazine, Cruise talks us through a career that has seen him work with Stanley Kubrick, Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, Sydney Pollack, Jack Nicholson, Paul Newman and virtually everyone who’s anyone. Of his upcoming film with Doug Liman, he says, “The alien invasion is simmering in the background. It’s kind of Back To The Future. I love movies that ask, if you did have to live your life over again, what would happen?” Since the film sees Cruise’s character killed about 200 times (his director’s estimate) he should get a chance to find out.