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M:I-3 News + MTV Movie Awards

Carnahan & Cruise on Mission: Impossible 3

Premiere magazine talked to director Joe Carnahan and star Tom Cruise about Mission: Impossible 3, the $100 million sequel which Paramount is targeting for a May 6, 2005 release.

Carnahan promises a suspense ride that will feature “all the great things” from the billion-dollar worldwide franchise but be “the most real and ragged of the three.”

Cruise has no worries over the challenge he’s set. “Joe’s very bright, he has endless energy, and he’s not afraid to attack a situation and learn as much as he can about it. He’s definitely not daunted by it.”

Carnahan previously directed Narc. “M:I-3” also stars Ving Rhames, Carrie-Anne Moss, Kenneth Branagh, and Scarlett Johansson. Thanks to ‘Invincible’ for the heads up.

Okay now let me address the MTV Movie Awards which aired over here yesterday – just how freaking hot is Tom? I don’t know if you had a chance to see it, I could try and make a video if you’d like to see his appearance which was awesome, it would have German subtitles but it’s still worth watching, so I will try to do my best. 🙂

Cruise to carry olympic torch

Source: Zap2It

LOS ANGELES ( – Tom Cruise, Ellen DeGeneres and Sylvester Stallone will double-knot their running shoes to help bear the Olympic torch this year.
The trio of stars will be among others honored when the torch arrives in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 16, reports the AP.

Samsung, a sponsor of the Olympic Torch Relay, chose the actors for their accomplishments in show business and contribution to worthy causes. The worldwide relay will also stop in St. Louis, Atlanta and New York on its way to Athens, Greece in August.

Stallone, 57, last appeared in 2003’s “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over” and “Shade,” while DeGeneres, 46, played the voice of “Finding Nemo’s” Dory, the fish with short-term memory.

Cruise, 41, will be in shape from his rigorous training from “The Last Samurai.” He next stars opposite Jamie Foxx in the thriller “Collateral” this August.

And a pic of Tom as ‘party hopper’ at the MTV Movie Awards here

Excite reports the same.

MTV Movie Awards!

Tom attended to the MTV Movie Awards, he presented Best Female Performance along with Jamie Foxx, and, the pictures are here! (Thanks Anna for some of those pictures!)

MTV Movie Awards 2004

Tom was a presenter at this year’s MTV Movie Awards which were held yesterday and are to be aired on Thursday, June 10th at 9pm in the US. He was presenting the Best Female Performance awards along with Collateral co-star Jamie Foxx.

You can view thumbnails here and here.

New Power

Hollywood’s New Power Goes On Cruise Control

Fashion Wire Daily June 03, 2004 – Los Angeles – Jake Gyllenhaal (news) said the award resembled a penis, Kate Hudson (news) cut her acceptance speech short to go breastfeed her baby and Marlon Wayans (news) dubbed Eve “the black J. Lo.”

But Tom Cruise (news) stole the show from five New Power inductees (“Premiere” magazine’s hot film industry innovators under 35) at a crowded awards ceremony last night.

“You might look my security man and you may not be a virgin!” joked the aging Cruise, 41, who presented the phallic-shaped award to a bald and goateed Joe Carnahan. “But you are definitely part of The New Power in Hollywood!”

Getting an award from Cruise, even if you’re directing “Mission: Impossible 3,” is definitely an honor. But it can also be downright embarrassing.

“I feel like I’ve asked my successful, wealthy, good-looking brother to chaperon my first dance and my date has forgotten that I’m in the fu—ing car,” said Carnahan at the Forbidden City restaurant in Hollywood last night.

The impact of Cruise control was felt by almost every speaker.

“I know you guys came to see me tonight, not Tom Cruise,” kidded Gyllenhaal, whom presenter Mark Ruffalo (news) crowned “the new punk rock movie star,” “This award means a lot to me because my girlfriend and my sister already have one. But it really does look like a penis. Oops, sorry ‘Premiere.'”

Naomi Watts (news), who starred with Hudson in the messy “Le Divorce”, recalled their first meeting before presenting the award.

“I first met Kate Hudson when I gate crashed a party at her mom Goldie Hawn’s house, but I was with Tom and Nicole and felt I had a right to be there,” added Watts, who once appeared in an Australian TV commercial turning down a date with Cruise for her mum’s lamb roast. “But if new power means you’re talented, gorgeous, smart, funny, a wonderful mother AND young then Kate you’re it!”

Fortunately, not everyone felt they had to mention Cruise. In fact, the awards left some inductees almost speechless.

“You shouldn’t give out free liquor and then ask me to say something,” said Eve during her short and sweet acceptance speech.

Collateral news

  • Here’s a positive Collateral script review. Good read, but it’s a much older draft.
  • Tom Cruise wins Emma Award for Best Actor for TLS

    Tom Cruise took the award for best film actor for his role in The Last Samurai, while the late martial arts legend Bruce Lee was named recipient of the honorary lifetime achievement award.

  • Don’t forget to vote for Tom at the MTV movie awards
  • Long Beach Grand Prix

  • Pictures of the Long Beach Grand Prix are available here
  • Long Beach Grand Prix

  • It looks like Tom is back to California. The picture caption is:
    Actor Tom Cruise, right, talks with actor and Newman/Haas racing team owner Paul Newman before the start of the CHAMP Long Beach Grand Prix in Long Beach, Calif., Sunday, April 18, 2004. Cruise took a ride during the pace laps before the start in a two-seat CHAMP car.
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