Month: May 2005

Movie Site Awards

Hey guys, guess what? Someone nominated at this year’s Movie Site Awards!! How cool! Thanks so much to whoever did it.

But now, I need your guys help. In order to go the second part of the Awards, I need your support on their forum. Click here to go there and show your support! We will appreciate!

Access Tom

After the big interview with Tom, Access Hollywood has a special about him on their site, with the interview there to watch and read features about his latest movies, news about casting, pictures of Tom throughout the years, his life etc. Access it here!

New Layout

New layout is finished! What do you think? I *had* to use those pictures in the layout, just couldn’t avoid! Plus, this one should load faster than the other one 🙂


  • The new theaterical trailer for War of the Worlds is here. Watch it here.
  • Access Hollywood

    There were an interview on Access Hollywood, that aired on May 26th, and all week long Access Hollywood showed clips of it, just the ones that would get more attention, and among other things Tom has spoken about Brooke Shields using prescribed drugs.

    I’ve been getting a LOT of hate e-mails concerning this, asking me to pass it to Tom, or whatever. I will repeat what’s written all over this website: I DON’T KNOW TOM CRUISE. This site is not official, it’s not connected with him, I don’t have any way of contact him. So, PLEASE, stop sending those e-mails to me. It’s wasting my time and yours, and it really drives me crazy because Tom lives in a free country and he can say whatever he wants. Why does everytime he says something someone doesn’t agree I have to get all that junk mail? I won’t stop being a fan of his work because of something he has said. So, stop those e-mails, I will just delete or be very rude when replaying.

    That said, Tom is entitled to have his opinion. He is not the only one that think that using prescribed drugs is wrong and it won’t help you. RESPECT THAT. I don’t know his full point of view on this. I don’t think I will ever know unless he goes and gives another interview or something. Interviews are often edited so the interviewed person can have the aspect that tv/newspaper wants that to have. I doubt that what was shown is the full interview. And quotes out of context always make more damage than they should.

    Edited #1: Tara posted on the comments: The full interview is today on Access Hollywood, WSFA channel. It’s on at 12:30/11:30 central

    Edited #2: I added the show info on the top of the post, thanks Mary, who was the first person to actually give me any information on the show, and, in the end of her e-mail she said something that is exactly what I’m feeling: Most people should watch the full interview before they judge. Yes, he is a mega star but he’s still entitled to have an opinion. You do not have to agree with him.

    If anyone has got the full interview, I can upload it here for everyone else to watch. Just e-mail me.

    Edited #3: To anyone who is criticizing my english, please remember that I’m not from USA. I’m from Brazil. I have no obligation of speaking english properly. I make this site for my own entertainment and for those who are fans of Tom Cruise. I don’t get paid to make this website, none of the other staff members do, we do this in our free time. If you don’t like him, click on the X on the right top corner and just stay away, you’re not welcome. I’m not a child and I won’t be taking ANY insult from anyone, especially from anyone that thinks that insult my english is gonna afect me in any way. I will be fowarding any e-mail that comes about this subject to the e-mail ISP as I will consider it spam.
    This site is called Tom Cruise Fan for a reason. It’s a website for Tom Cruise’s work. If you don’t like my points of view or his points of view, just leave, I just don’t care.

    MTV commercial

    Tom Cruise took time off filming War Of The Worlds to show Mtv viewers exactly what makes an action hero – by shooting a spoof commercial for the cable channel’s upcoming Movie Awards.

    Cruise, who will be among the presenters at the Los Angeles event on June 4th 2005, spins into shot in the car his character drives in War of The Worlds and then catches a baby thrown from a burning building.

    After handing the tot to its mother on the Universal Studios backlot, the action man greets a stuntman, who is wandering around with flames all over him and lifts a car off a struggling pedestrian, before striking his famous sunglasses pose and straddling the motorcycle director Steven Spielberg gave him as a gift.

    All the time, Cruise chats about the art of filmmaking and how important the light-hearted Mtv Movie Awards are. (teenhollywood)