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Posted by Annie on
August 8th, 2003

The Gallery now has a blue theme…, to go with the rest of the site 😉

Premiere Cover

Posted by Annie on
August 8th, 2003

Luis has sent a better version of the Premiere cover:
Thank you!!


Posted by Annie on
August 7th, 2003

Pink Freezie sent me this article. I havent read yet, but the pic sure is hot!



Posted by Annie on
August 7th, 2003

The forum is back up!!!!!

Posted by Annie on
August 5th, 2003

34th anniversary of The Church of Scientology

This weekend, TOM CRUISE was joined by a bevy of stars to celebrate the 34th anniversary of The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre.

The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood was founded in 1969, one of 12 Celebrity Centres located in cultural centers around the world including New York, Paris, Nashville, Las Vegas, Vienna and London.

Last week, Tom was in St. Louis cutting the grand-opening ribbon for the new international headquarters and campus of Applied Scholastics.

You can find the pictures from the event here

The Forum

Posted by Annie on
August 4th, 2003

The forum might be down until tomorrow. The server is being upgraded. Sorry for the trouble.


Posted by Annie on
August 3rd, 2003

Firstly, Raisa added two new pictures to the gallery. Here’s one and the other one.

Secondly, here are some beautiful (and some never before seen) pictures from HOLA! Magazine (during the Vanilla Sky press tour) sent by Alberta (from Italy), who is the absolute best. Check them out here

And lastly, Tom’s appearance on the TODAY show last June promoting Minority Report. Enjoy it!


Posted by Annie on
August 3rd, 2003

New layout! What you think? Better than the green, right?

I’ve re-formated mostly all pages…, if you see anything broken, let me know.

The last samurai stuff

Posted by Annie on
August 2nd, 2003

I’ve been given a link to the TLS script, so for anyone who might want to read it, e-mail me. I’m not responsible for the spoilers, because it’s your choice to read it.

And now, enjoy a preview of The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise gets to swing his samurai sword in this historical epic set in 1870s Japan. But can he cut it as a kendo warrior and look good in a kimono?

After the back-to-back popcorn thrillers of Minority Report, Mission Impossible II and Vanilla Sky, Tom Cruise gets serious again with this historical epic set against the backdrop of Japan’s rapid transition from feudal society to a modern nation. He plays Woodrow Algren, an American Civil War veteran turned spokesman for the Winchester gun company. He is hired by Emperor Meiji to come to Japan and train a new imperial army in modern warfare. Meiji’s aim is to wipe out the samurai, the last remnants of the old guard. But when rebel warrior Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe) captures Algren, he begins to learn about the way of the samurai and is forced to reassess where his loyalties lie.

There are definite shades of Dances With Wolves here, as well as obligatory references to the films of Akira Kurosawa, and Warner Bros will be keen to keep these associations foremost in people’s minds come the award season. The $100 million film is scheduled for a prestigious end-of-year American release and director Edward Zwick has a good track record at the Oscars, having made Civil War drama Glory, and redeemed himself after directing misfires like Courage Under Fire and The Siege by producing Shakespeare In Love and Traffic.

Cruise, for one, seems to have confidence in the project. Choosing this over Anthony Minghella’s forthcoming Civil War epic Cold Mountain, the star (who is also on producing duties alongside partner Paula Wagner) reportedly gave up his normally huge up-front salary to keep costs down. Given that every effort has been made to be respectful to Japanese history and culture – Cruise even learned some Japanese for the role – it’s safe to say that The Last Samurai won’t be relying on his winning smile to succeed. Indeed, Cruise aside, most of the cast have been assembled on acting prowess, rather than star wattage, with notable parts for British thesps including Timothy Spall as a translator and Billy Connolly as a Algren’s long-serving comrade-in-arms.

Filmed mainly on location near New Plymouth on the North Island of New Zealand between January and May 2003, the film did run in to a little controversy over its use of Mt Taranaki as a stand in for Mt Fuji. A sacred site for local Maori tribes, some groups claimed they should be compensated for using images of the mountain in the film, even though the production had already made an “undisclosed” donation to a tribe to bless the film’s locations. The New Zealand film industry body Film NZ dismissed the furore as a “storm in a tea cup”.

After The Lord Of The Rings, though, we can confidently assume these locations will provide The Last Samurai with suitably dramatic settings and, with a trailer hinting at some epic battle scenes, expect plenty of samurai slicing and dicing as well. Cruise trained for eight months with fight co-ordinator John Powell (Gladiator, Braveheart) to master kendo and karate, and practised his sword style for a couple of hours each day on set before shooting started. His Japanese co-stars even gave him respect for looking good in a kimono.

Lastly, me being nice, and Marta being absolutely wonderful for sending me this, here are some pictures of Tom , Penelope and his kids in New York

Thanks Marta!!


Posted by Annie on
August 1st, 2003

Annie, how ’bout a blue background?

Anyway, look at the beautiful pictures Vanesa (from the forums) scanned from HOLA! magazine, which features Tom and Penelope in Rome. Here they are:

Thanks Vanesa!!

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