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Mission: Impossible III Game

Well, M:I III is coming out on DVD this monday, and the Official Website has released a game!

In the M:I3 game, you must train and then go on a mission to kill a murderous arms dealer. The goal of the game is for users to kill all of the arms dealer’s henchman and then the arms dealer himself, while not getting shot themselves and racking up the highest accuracy possible. In the third level, the challenge ramps up as you must avoid killing civilians as well.


LiveJournal Syndication

Hey guys, a while ago I’ve made an account at to syndicate news from here. If you have a LiveJournal account, click here to join the feed

Vanity Fair Clean Shots!

Vanity Fair has released clean versions without the page breaks of the pictures from the October Issue. I’m all ‘awwww’ again. She is so cute!

Click here to view the pictures.

Tom and Katie Prepare for the Wedding of the Year

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding is just days away, and you’re invited! Now only if you knew the when and where!

While you may not have a front row seat at the wedding, “Extra” is bringing you all the dirt on what we do know, starting with the fact that Tom is getting the girl, but Giorgio is dressing her!

Yes, you heard right. Just last week, Giorgio Armani revealed that both bride and groom will wear his couture creations.

Jewelry for the wedding of the year will be provided by David Orgel.

“It will probably have 150 diamonds on the wedding band,” Martin Katz revealed.

If you’ve followed the TomKat love story, you’ll remember that Tom told “Extra” in September that he had no clue a couple of “I Do’s” would make such a big to-do.

“I never knew there were so many wedding magazines. I’m telling you, there are stacks of different kinds of magazines where they talk about weddings and the whole cake and the flowers,” Tom told our Jon Kelley.

Speaking of flowers, there will be no shortage of beautiful blossoms for the big days. Reportedly, there will be hundreds of thousands of dollars of flowers used to beautify the grounds.

As for Katie’s hair, her go-to man Oscar Blandi will give her a perfect side-swept look.

“It’s going to be really beautiful,” Cruise said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’m actually getting into it. I’m having a great time.”

A lot of fun is most definitely guaranteed for a guest list that will likely include fellow Scientologists John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston, as well as good friends Jamie Foxx and Will and Jada Smith.

Also, don’t be surprised to see Britain’s most glamorous and beloved couple, David and Victoria Beckham, who prowled Paris with the Mrs. Cruise-to-be two weeks ago, along with Steven Spielberg and Leah Remini.

As for the when and where? Those are still closely guarded secrets, although we’re told not to rule out Thanksgiving Day, which falls on Thursday, Nov. 23.

And if you want to reserve a plane ticket just in case your invite comes last minute, you better cover all your bases with flight arrangements to Telluride, Beverly Hills and Paris!

Source: ExtraTV

TomKat to team up on screen

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are to star in a film together. Since giving birth to daughter Suri in April, Katie has been looking to re-launch her film career and it now seems that she and fiancé Tom will star in a joint project. A source told Life and Style Weekly magazine: “Tom is looking for a movie that will make the most of their chemistry.

“He’s devoting himself to putting together a project that will not only make Katie a bona fide star, but will put him back in the good graces of the movie-going public.” Tom, famous for his roles in ‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Minority Report’, is even willing to turn his back on his all-action image so he and Katie can appear together on screen. The source added: “This time, he’s looking beyond the typical action roles. Katie is open to any project her fiancé puts forward but is desperate to lose the ‘girl next door’ image she gained from years starring as Joey in hit TV show ‘Dawson’s Creek’.

Earlier this month, Tom was dropped by Paramount studios after they grew tired of his controversial antics, which included speaking out about his Scientology beliefs and his now infamous couch-jumping incident on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The star couple are due to get married this autumn but reports last week suggested that Katie was getting cold feet because of the controlling nature of her husband-to-be and his Scientology beliefs.