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Cruise Speaks Out About Dyslexia
July 12, 2003

Tom Cruise has gone public with his dyslexia trauma in a bid to convince parents of kids with the learning disorder that there is a solution.

The movie superstar grew up with learning problems, and admits he was frustrated when he couldn’t keep up at school.

His dyslexia almost brought his acting career to a premature end and wrecked his chances becoming a pilot – but then he found help thanks to a learning program he discovered after becoming a Scientologist in 1986.

In an exclusive interview in People magazine, the actor says, “All through school and well into my career, I felt like I had a secret, but then a friend gave me a picture book on Scientology, and through this I was introduced to the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, who had founded the religion.

“Mr Hubbard was also an educator who had been researching the field for decades. He had found that literacy and comprehension levels were declining worldwide, and he developed Study Technology.”

Cruise is now a board member of Hubbard’s literacy foundation, the Hollywood Education + Literary Problem (HELP), and he wants young dyslexics to have the benefit of his findings.

He adds, “I don’t want people to go through what I went through. I want kids to have the ability to read, to write, to understand what people are saying to them, to be able to solve life’s problems.”

Source: TeenHollywood.com

And this is from Yahoo!:
DreamWorks Pictures is moving forward on the Beattie-penned “Collateral,” to star Tom Cruise (news) with Michael Mann (news) at the helm. Beattie also is finishing work on “Escape of the Pacific Clipper” for 20th Century Fox.

Cruising for Love? That’s Risky Business for Hollywood’s Top Gun

No doubt, Tom Cruise has the Midas touch for box-office gold, but when it comes to bands of the glittery stuff, let’s just say he ain’t exactly lucky at love. Or rather, staying in it.

In this all-new Love Chain, premiering Sunday, July 20, at 10 p.m., you’ll see how he traded vows with Mimi Rogers only to have the marriage fizzle after he met that fiery redhead from Down Under, Nicole Kidman, on the set of Days of Thunder. Their union lasted nearly 10 years–practically a Hollywood record–but the whole thing went suddenly sour in 2001 in a breakup that left Tinseltown reeling.

So, will Penélope become the next Mrs. Cruz-Cruise? Only time–and Tom–will tell.

In the meantime, there’s plenty of love to go around. In this installment, we’ll tell you all about Tom’s romantic interludes–including a few you that may surprise you. (Cher, anyone?)

To get you fired up, we’ve put together a photo gallery of Tom’s lovely ladies. Take a peek–then check out Love Chain: Tom Cruise.

Dates: Love Chain: Tom Cruise
Premieres: Sunday, July 20, 10 p.m.
Encores: July 21, 1 a.m., 6:30 p.m.; July 23, 5:30 p.m.; July 24, 9 p.m.

Source: E! Online

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Jul 12, 2003
Written by Annie

Sinps from Tom Cruise’s People Magazine interview

SUPERSTAR Tom Cruise has spoken out to end rumours that his romance with Penelope Cruz is on the rocks.

He said: “I’m very, very happy with my relationship,” but added “There’s no engagement.”

Cruz also scoffed at gossip that he is getting back together with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

“Nic and I were laughing about it on the phone. Clearly someone sits in an office and goes ‘We’ve gotta sell a story!'”

Cruise recently filmed new movie The Last Samurai and is now developing his next projects, Collateral and Mission: Impossible 3.

Speaking in America’s People magazine, he added: “I’m just working on my production company and my family. I’m not a guy who likes to hang out on a beach.”

Here’s more

Those wishing for a happy reunion of divorced Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman better put the genie back into the bottle.

Cruise, in fact, is laughing at rumors that he and Kidman are getting back together — and Kidman’s in on the joke.

Cruise said to People magazine in its new issue that he and Kidman were “laughing about it on the phone.” He says tabloids make up the rumors to sell papers.

He says he and Penelope Cruz are “very happy” — but have no plans to get engaged.

And more:

“When I was about 7, I had been labeled dyslexic,” he told People magazine for its July 21 issue. “I’d try to concentrate on what I was reading, then I’d get to the end of the page and have very little memory of anything I’d read. I would go blank, feel anxious, nervous, bored, frustrated, dumb.”

After “Top Gun” came out in 1986, Cruise became a Scientologist and discovered the “Study Technology” the religion’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, developed in the 1960s.

“I realized I could absolutely learn anything that I wanted to learn,” Cruise said.

Now the 41-year-old actor is a founding board member of the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project, a nonprofit group that uses Hubbard’s teaching techniques in a secular setting.

“I don’t want people to go through what I went through,” Cruise said. “I want kids to have the ability to read, to write, to understand what people are saying to them, to be able to solve life’s problems”

So everyone, please check out the July 21st issue!!

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Jul 12, 2003
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Tom Cruise to produce a Cameron Crowe film

Kirsten Dunst and Ashton Kutcher are attached to star in Cameron Crowe’s next project, “Elizabethtown,” which is slated to begin production in the first quarter of 2004 in Oregon and Kentucky.

DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures are in final talks to finance the film, which is being produced by Crowe’s Vinyl Films and Tom Cruise’s C/W Prods. Cruise previously starred in Crowe’s “Vanilla Sky” and “Jerry Maguire.

Here’s more

DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures are in final negotiations to jointly finance and co-produce filmmaker Cameron Crowe’s next project, “Elizabethtown,” with Kirsten Dunst and Ashton Kutcher attached to star. Production is slated to begin in first-quarter 2004 in Oregon and Kentucky with C/W Prods. producing alongside Crowe’s Vinyl Films. A portion of the filming will also occur in October before resuming in the new year. “Elizabethtown,” which Crowe also wrote, is described as a rich ensemble comedy with two central leads. The project is intended to be a love letter to the resilience of the life force and is a story of an unexpected romance that develops against the backdrop of a Southern patriarch’s hilariously elaborate memorial. Like Crowe’s previous works, music will figure prominently in the film. Paula Wagner, Tom Cruise and Crowe are producing. “Elizabethtown” reunites Crowe with both studios and the production company as DreamWorks released Crowe’s “Almost Famous,” while Paramount and C/W were behind his “Vanilla Sky.”

Tom Cruise signs on for Collateral

Jul 10, 2003
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kinda mean….
“Top Gun” Tom has been spotted cruising the corridors of power; i.e., the aloof actor recently met with officials from the Department of Education and lawmakers at the White House, reports the Washington Post. One source says it’s because Cruise hopes to secure government funding for the Cult, oops I mean Church of Scientology. Alternative religion expert Rick Ross claims Cruise is appealing to the Bush administration to pressure some European countries to ease up on their anti-Scientology policies. “Tom met at the Department of Education because he has always been passionate about education and wanted to meet the Secretary [of Education],” a spokeswoman tells Jeannette Walls of The Scoop.

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Jul 10, 2003
Written by Annie

Tom Cruise in Curacao

Movie star Tom Cruise visited Curacao. He rented the DolphinAcademy at the Curacao Seaquarium and swam around with the dolphins for an hour. He also visited Baya Beach Club and the Freewinds cruise ship.The ship belongs to the Scientology Church, of which Cruise is a member.He came to the island on his own yacht, which he moored at Caracasbaai and Spanish Water.No one was allowed to take photos at the sites visited by the celebrity and his girlfriend.

Here is a video from Paparazzi, taken when Tom visited Toronto in December of 2001.

100 best kills ever
# 100- Mission Impossible:

Poor Emilio Estevez. Lacking his dad’s timeless character acting chops or his brother’s miraculous skills at whoremongering and getting shitfaced, Emilio instead had the solemn task of being an early victim in the Brian DePalma/Tom Cruise event film. Thankfully, his death is a memorable one as he head butts a spike while riding on the top of an elevator. That’ll teach him. You’d think he knew that there was a little room down there for humans to ride in, but he just had to get up on top and have his face shattered, didn’t he? (N.N.)

And Tom Cruise named one of the biggest teenager idols by VH1. He came in number 5 at a list of 50.

Jul 08, 2003
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Raisa rocks my socks!! She added some pretty extra cool pictures: http://www.tomcruisefan.com/gallery/search.php?search_new_images=1

Jul 06, 2003
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Heartthrob actor Tom Cruise is launching a campaign to stop kids taking drugs prescribed by their doctors. The diminutive Mission Impossible hunk flew to Washington DC last week to lobby politicians for stricter controls on how medicines are handed out to minors, particularly those with Attention Deficit Disorder. Cruise campaigns, “There are eight million kids on educational medication. Do you know about Ritalin, Adderall and psychotropic drugs? When you break down the chemical compound, it’s the same as cocaine. Bet you didn’t know that.” The Scientology faith, is against all forms of orthodox medicines, favoring more natural ways to medicate.

Cruise to produce his Minority Report co-star
Colin Farrell is to star with Eva Mendes in an adaptation of the John Fante novel ‘Ask The Dust’. Farrell will play a struggling young writer and first generation Italian called Arturo Bandini. The film will be directed by Robert Towne and produced by CW partners Paula Wagner and Tom Cruise with Jonas McCord.

Tom Cruise is a hard working guy
It promises to be a cutting-edge performance from box-office top gun Tom Cruise. For six months, Tom cruised into the land of the rising sun to shoot the 19th century epic, “The Last Samurai.”

Cruise says, “It was very much a dream come true for me.”

Premiere magazine’s Fred Schruers says the film, due out in December, will be a challenge for both Cruise and his legion of fans. He says, “A lot of the movie is in Japanese and we’ll see subtitles. Tom had to learn some Japanese.”

Learning the language was only part of the rigorous training Tom endured for the massive $100 million production shot in the U.S., New Zealand, and Japan. Cruise says, “What we hope to do is really pay homage to the Samurai, what’s best in the Samurai spirit.”

That meant mastering the kitana, the elegant sword of the Samurai. Schruers says, “Tom did about eight months of training, serious intensive training.”

Call it Samurai boot camp to prepare Tom for the 31 days spent shooting the film’s exhausting battle scenes. Not that it tired Tom out, or anything. Schruers says, “He’s known for his energy and he’s known for his focus. So when you get Tom, you get the full on Tom or he’s not going to be there.”

And Tom says being there for “The Last Samurai” was the opportunity of a lifetime. He says, “I know this is a film that I know I’m never going to forget.”

Click here for a video.

Jul 05, 2003
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I don’t know if he will get this message but….

Jul 02, 2003
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Wanna know what happened today 41 years ago? Tom Cruise was born, of course!

HAPPY 41TH BIRTHDAY TO TOM CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope he has a great one. May he enjoy the 41th year of his life, and bring him happiness! A very happy birthday to him. We love him!!

Jul 02, 2003
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The Last Samurai writer, John Logan gave an interview to Latino Review about his numerous projects including SAMURAI:

Have you seen “THE LAST SAMURAI”?

John: I’ve seen the last forty minutes.

How much research did you have to do for “SAMURAI”?

John: A lot. “THE LAST SAMURAI,” briefly, is about the opening of Japan in the 1870s, essentially the last days of the Samurai culture. And it’s based entirely on historical fact. We fictionalized an actual Samurai leader, because we had to have him do fictional things, but a lot of what he did was true. The fact that he was destroyed by the Imperial Army was true. The fact that he brought in westerners and experts like U.S. Calvary officers to help build the army is true.

Did you like what you saw?

John: Absolutely.”

Tom Cruise to produce “Ask the dust”?
CW partners Paula Wagner and Tom Cruise, who produced Towne’s last directing effort, 1998’s Without Limits, will produce with Jonas McCord. It should be the first film Farrell does after completing the Oliver Stone-directed Intermedia epic Alexander, which starts shooting this summer.

And it is looking to be that Tom Cruise will sign on to do Collateral
“Chicago native Michael Mann will direct Tom Cruise in a big-budget film called “Collateral.” “It’s about a cabbie who picks up a hit man,” screenwriter Stuart Beattie tells GLARE.

“The idea is the cabbie is this nonconformist who gets bullied by the other cabbies and can’t stand up for himself. The hit man is Mr. Bombastic, who hijacks this guy to drive him around all night while he kills four people, with the plan to make the cabbie his fifth kill.” Adam Sandler is in talks to play the cabbie opposite Cruise’s hit man.

Beattie says, “Cruise’s hit man becomes so disgusted at how meek the cabbie is that he tells him, ‘You need to get some backbone.’ As the night goes on, the cabbie becomes stronger and stronger.” If Sandler doesn’t sign, Beattie says some interesting names have been floated to get behind the wheel. “I think Philip Seymour Hoffman would be cool. I also think Robert De Niro would be great. Can you imagine that combination?”

He laughs and adds, “I think Michael and Tom have taken all the gross points out of the film, and there might be no room [budgetwise] for De Niro.”

And lastly, some TLS leftovers:
“More than 200 people haggled over a thousand leftovers from the Last Samurai movie production in New Plymouth yesterday.The bargain hunters gathered at a warehouse on Breakwater Rd yesterday as more than 1000 items used by the movie’s cast and crew went under the hammer.

Helen Heyburn, who worked as a cast driver on the film, liked the look of a lounge suite which was in the home of Paula Wagner, Tom Cruise’s business partner.

And tomorrow, more interviews from Mentor awards. Until then, don’t forget to vote for Tom as the most attractive male Here and here

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Jun 27, 2003
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