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Hey! Raisa uploaded a few WONDERFUL pictures to the gallery!: http://www.tomcruisefan.com/gallery/
I must have over 1200 pictures to upload. When will I do it? I dont know! I need a week off from the university, but the professors think we all just have that to do….

Jun 18, 2003
Written by Annie

Tom Cruise absence from the rich list

Matthew Perry, Halle Berry and Mike Myers have made their way onto
Hollywood’s most important annual rich list for the first time – but Tom Cruise is nowhere to be seen for the second straight year.

The movie trio all make it into the top 30 of Forbes magazine’s Celebrity 100, while Cruise – a former favorite – fails to feature because he took no salary for his latest film, The Last Samurai.

I don’t understand, the guy took home $ 71.6 million, more than any other star. So why didn’t he make the list…and Britney spears end up at number 1?

On with the news, Washington News reports that Tom Cruise slipped into town this week for private meetings with senior Bush
administration officials at the Department of Education and the White House.

On Thursday, Education Secretary Rod Paige hosted a lunch for Cruise — a conspicuous supporter of Bill Clinton before President Bush took office — so the actor could gab with education officials in the secretary’s
dining room.

“He wanted to learn more about the president’s ‘no child left behind’ program,’ Education Undersecretary Eugene Hickok told us yesterday. “He was impressed at how serious it is, and said that anything he could do to
help he would do. He also talked about his own challenges as a child trying to learn to read.” Hickock added: “We’re willing to talk to anyone interested in the issue. I don’t think I’m star-struck.” But we hear that on Fridayat the White House, where Cruise lobbied officials on Scientology-related issues, there were plenty of young female staffers standing around, hoping to bump into him in the corridors of power.

Tom’s horse for auction
The horse ridden by Tom Cruise’s stunt double in The Last Samurai attracted the top bid at a movie auction on Saturday.

More than $4000 was paid for the five-year-old gelding, named Peter.The buyer, from Northland, will be using the horse for recreational hunting.At least 500 people turned up at the Onaero property, which had been
leased by The Last Samurai production company, to either bid on one of 30 station-bred horses, or watch the auction.

Speaking of horses, hey, this horse is named Tom Cruise. LOL

A huge thanks to Teresa for all the news!!!

Jun 17, 2003
Written by Annie

HellO!! I do have some news…, but too tired now… I’m just posting actually to ask people to stop harassing Fanny. She’s been so nice to me and help me with my sites, and you people start stalking her? If you want to stalk someone, stalk me. I’m the head webmaster. I dont wanna see her leaving because of mean people.

Jun 16, 2003
Written by Annie

Cruise and Brokaw to be honored
HOW ABOUT the two Toms? Tom Cruise and Tom Brokaw. Both will be honored on June 19 in New York by MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership. The two good-deed-doers are expected to attend in person and if you can
cough up $1,000, you can rub elbows with them at the Chelsea Piers. Call (212) 888-7003.

Here are two more articles about Penelope Cruz wining the lawsuit against New Idea, writing a false story about her cheating on Tom’s back.
Article one and Article two

And I just want to point out that the stories of Tom getting back together with Nicole and breaking up with Penelope are completely false. They came right out of the tabloids, so just ignore them, because it’s not true. The media made a huge deal out of Tom’s absence in CANNES.

Thanks Teresa for the articles!!!

Jun 14, 2003
Written by Annie

MI3 postponed
Paramount Pictures has quietly stepped away from a May opening for its Tom Cruise tentpole “Mission: Impossible 3.”The studio, which had no official comment, moved off the date recently after Michael Mann announced plans to direct “Collateral” for DreamWorks, with Tom Cruise expected to topline and lensing starting in the fall. As a result, “M:I 3″ is now expected to begin shooting in January, which clearly precludes the previously planned May 21 release.

The studio has not set a new release date, but the most likely scenario would be for “M:I 3″ to open during the 2004 holiday season or in May 2005.

Here is another article.

Thanks Marta for the news!!

Jun 14, 2003
Written by Annie

UK site reader Dan reports that the July issue of Empire magazine features Jerry Maguire in their “50 Movie Moments to Make a Grown Man Cry”! Here’s what they said:

Number 2: “You had me at hello.”
Jerry Maguire (1996)
Director: Cameron Crowe
Stars: Tom Cruise, Renée Zellweger
“We live in a cynical world.” So begins Jerry Maguire’s most important pitch: to win back his wife. And you know what? The man’s right. But what is so affecting about Cameron Crowe’s third entry is that unlike 99.9 per cent of will-they-won’t-they-of-course-they-flippin’-will rom-coms, Jerry and Dorothy got together in Act Two. Then he fucked it up. (We’ve all been there, part two.) So this is his redemption, y’see? More manipulative than Wilder, perhaps, but the master’s light touch is evident in Dorothy’s famous hush line. Quite possibly responsible for more marriage proposals than any other scene of the 90’s. “

And Here is another article about City on Fire.

Also MINORITY REPORT has been nominated as “Rental Title of the Year” by the Video Software Dealers Association Nominations are based on strong sales combined with exceptional rental capacity. Winners will be announced at VSDA’s annual convention in Las Vegas on July 29th.

Thanks to betty and Architect for the news.

Jun 10, 2003
Written by Annie

A New Project

C/W Productions (Cruise/Wagner) has optioned a book about a 1947 industrial accident in Texas City, Texas, which killed 700 and led to the first civil class action suit against the U.S. government, reports Variety. No word if Cruise will star in the big-screen adaptation of City on Fire: The Forgotten Disaster that Devastated a Town and Ignited a Landmark Legal Battle.

Thanks Architect for the news.

Jun 09, 2003
Written by Annie

The Last Samurai’s trailer gets an award:

Cinema: The Last Samurai, starring Tom Cruise, won the Golden Trailer prize
(ANSA) – ROME, June 6th – Tom Cruise is world cinema’s Last Samurai. In fact the American actor is the star of director Edward Zwick’s latest movie. Thousands of extras, dramatic fights, Cruise’s charm in the role of Capt. Algren, the mysterious world of 1870’s Japan and a powerful score are the winning ingredients of the trailer for The Last Samurai. The movie, which will open in Italy on January 9th, won the award bestowed in Taormina [Sicily] by a specialized jury formed by over 400 experts belonging to the Italian moviemaking world.

Here is another interesting article worth a read:
Mayor Pam Iorio talks up Tampa during a sit-down dinner with Tom Cruise.

Here is another article:

in the TV production program at William T. Dwyer High School soon will be handling new high-tech video cameras, courtesy of the Northern Palm Beach County Entertainment Council.

The Entertainment Council, brainchild of former Jupiter Mayor Mary Hinton and Town Councilor Babs Henderson, has the goal of providing education and skills to young people looking for opportunities in TV or the film industry.

Tapping her connections to the industry, Hinton was able to convince actor Tom Cruise to give “a significant amount.” And Henderson’s advocacy has helped propel the momentum of the Entertainment Council’s activities.

A big thanks to Bettyblue and Teresa for all the links!!

Jun 08, 2003
Written by Annie

Hi guys! Teresa sent me a couple of articles talking about Adam Sandler and Tom Cruise working on COLLATERAL. It’s the same news, that Adam Sandler is in talks to star opposite Cruise in the Micheal Mann film.
Here are the full articles. Please read them!!

Article one
Article two
Once again, thanks to Teresa.

Jun 06, 2003
Written by Annie

The wonderful Denise has sent me this:

Adam Sandler Weighed as Cruise Co-Star
By Zorianna Kit
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Adam Sandler, who stepped out of his usual comedic mold to star in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Punch-Drunk Love” last year, appears to be eyeing another left turn in his choice of characters.

On Wednesday night, Sandler was scheduled to meet with filmmaker Michael Mann to discuss the possibility of starring opposite Tom Cruise in the director’s “Collateral” for DreamWorks.

If he joins the project, Sandler would play Max, the meek cab driver who picks up a passenger (Cruise) who takes him hostage.

From: Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

And from Chantal:

Role Call: Cruise Kills in Collateral, Goyer Helms Blade III
Ali direct Michael Mann will helm the drama Collateral for DreamWorks. The pic, expected to start in October, will star Tom Cruise in the lead role of a contract killer … David Goyer, who wrote all three installments of the Blade franchise, will also take the helm for Blade III. Goyer and star Blade star Wesley Snipes have not met to sign off on dates, but New Line Cinema expects to start production in Vancouver this summer. Goyer and Snipes previously worked together on ZigZag … Brittany Murphy has signed on two Warner Bros. projects, the comedy Major Movie Star and the CGI-animated project Happy Feet. Both films call for Murphy to sing.

Source: Hollywood.com

June 3, 2003 | TOM CRUISE may be going bad. The superstar, according to Daily Variety, could take on the role of a hitman in director MICHAEL MANN’s next project, ‘Collateral.’ The movie reportedly happens during a single terrifying night in which a cab driver picks up a fare and winds up being taken hostage. The passenger then forces the cabbie to squire him around town while he takes care of business.

Source: ETOnline

I also have a bunch of articles on the supposed break-up. I won’t publish because it’s not true. If ET announces it, I’ll believe. Otherwise, I wont. ;)

Jun 06, 2003
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