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Wanna know what happened today 41 years ago? Tom Cruise was born, of course!

HAPPY 41TH BIRTHDAY TO TOM CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope he has a great one. May he enjoy the 41th year of his life, and bring him happiness! A very happy birthday to him. We love him!!

Jul 02, 2003
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The Last Samurai writer, John Logan gave an interview to Latino Review about his numerous projects including SAMURAI:

Have you seen “THE LAST SAMURAI”?

John: I’ve seen the last forty minutes.

How much research did you have to do for “SAMURAI”?

John: A lot. “THE LAST SAMURAI,” briefly, is about the opening of Japan in the 1870s, essentially the last days of the Samurai culture. And it’s based entirely on historical fact. We fictionalized an actual Samurai leader, because we had to have him do fictional things, but a lot of what he did was true. The fact that he was destroyed by the Imperial Army was true. The fact that he brought in westerners and experts like U.S. Calvary officers to help build the army is true.

Did you like what you saw?

John: Absolutely.”

Tom Cruise to produce “Ask the dust”?
CW partners Paula Wagner and Tom Cruise, who produced Towne’s last directing effort, 1998’s Without Limits, will produce with Jonas McCord. It should be the first film Farrell does after completing the Oliver Stone-directed Intermedia epic Alexander, which starts shooting this summer.

And it is looking to be that Tom Cruise will sign on to do Collateral
“Chicago native Michael Mann will direct Tom Cruise in a big-budget film called “Collateral.” “It’s about a cabbie who picks up a hit man,” screenwriter Stuart Beattie tells GLARE.

“The idea is the cabbie is this nonconformist who gets bullied by the other cabbies and can’t stand up for himself. The hit man is Mr. Bombastic, who hijacks this guy to drive him around all night while he kills four people, with the plan to make the cabbie his fifth kill.” Adam Sandler is in talks to play the cabbie opposite Cruise’s hit man.

Beattie says, “Cruise’s hit man becomes so disgusted at how meek the cabbie is that he tells him, ‘You need to get some backbone.’ As the night goes on, the cabbie becomes stronger and stronger.” If Sandler doesn’t sign, Beattie says some interesting names have been floated to get behind the wheel. “I think Philip Seymour Hoffman would be cool. I also think Robert De Niro would be great. Can you imagine that combination?”

He laughs and adds, “I think Michael and Tom have taken all the gross points out of the film, and there might be no room [budgetwise] for De Niro.”

And lastly, some TLS leftovers:
“More than 200 people haggled over a thousand leftovers from the Last Samurai movie production in New Plymouth yesterday.The bargain hunters gathered at a warehouse on Breakwater Rd yesterday as more than 1000 items used by the movie’s cast and crew went under the hammer.

Helen Heyburn, who worked as a cast driver on the film, liked the look of a lounge suite which was in the home of Paula Wagner, Tom Cruise’s business partner.

And tomorrow, more interviews from Mentor awards. Until then, don’t forget to vote for Tom as the most attractive male Here and here

Thanks Teresa for all the news!!

Jun 27, 2003
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You can vote for Tom as the most attractive male for Hello Magazine here. You can vote for Penelope as the most attractive woman as well.

And here is more on the MENTOR awards

Cruise was at the ceremony to receive the Excellence in Mentoring award for his role in founding the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (HELP) set up in 1996.Inside the ceremony Cruise’s long-time friend, Paul Newman, welcomed him and presented him with the award.

Afterwards, Cruise gave a lengthy speech about the importance of mentoring and praised the evening as a great honour.

“I was diagnosed with being dyslexic, and I really had a hell of a time learning, a hell of a time. It was very difficult,” he said.

“I came up with all kind of tricks; I had to get through auditions.

“For me, as successful as I was, I always saw the mountain. I knew there was a limit to what I could do with my life.”

Dyslexic or not, no one can doubt the enormity of Cruise’s success. He is now working on a variety of projects, including the next instalment of the Mission Impossible movies.

He said, “(I’m) Working on MI3, with Joe Carnahan. We’ve got a bunch of films that we’re producing. Just a bunch of stuff. It’s rocking right now.”

Also, more interviews coming soon!

Jun 24, 2003


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ooh, ooh,….., even more: Mentor Awards pictures. Thanks betty for letting me know!

Jun 22, 2003
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Tons more new pictures from the mentor awards. Click here to go the pictures. They are truly wonderul, and some halarious ones as well, including some with Paul Newman.

And a lot of insightful articles on the event. There’s a couple of them:
Article one
Article two
Article three
Article four
and Article five

Also, here are two pics of Tom from the H.E.L.P program:
help 1 help 2

Thanks Betty for all the links.

Jun 22, 2003
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Pictures! Big Wireimage pictures from the Mentor Awards! I love Fabi!! I created a page for the Mentor Awards in the gallery, i’m adding all the pictures there :)
Mentor Awards pictures Here
And, me being nice and Fanny the best, The Last Samurai Behind Scenes pictures!

Jun 20, 2003
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Some screen caps from the event:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
20, 21, 22, 23

Click here to see 3 pages of pictures from the event where Micheal Bolton and Paul Newman came to honor Tom. They are truly beautiful. And Click here to watch a video from the event, along with a nice little article.

Jun 20, 2003
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Here is Tom Cruise in New York WITH Penelope (the breakup stories were untrue) at the MENTOR awards.

mentor1mentor 2mentor 3mentor 4
mentor 5mentor 6mentor 7mentor 8
mentor 9mentor 10mentor 11mentor 12

He looks so dangerous:

Click here to see all 44 pictures!!
Also, Click here to read the invataion.

Jun 19, 2003
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News from Dutch tv:

Tom has bought the filmrights of the book ‘City on Fire: The Forgotten Disaster’. The book is about a major disaster in the industry of Texas. In 1947 more than 700 people were killed. A collision between two cargo ships filled with chemicals was the cause.
Tom will produce the movie, if he will play a role is not known.

Thanks to Chantal

Jun 19, 2003
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Hey! Raisa uploaded a few WONDERFUL pictures to the gallery!: http://www.tomcruisefan.com/gallery/
I must have over 1200 pictures to upload. When will I do it? I dont know! I need a week off from the university, but the professors think we all just have that to do….

Jun 18, 2003
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