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Posted by Annie on
September 25th, 2003

Site Update

Posted by Annie on
September 24th, 2003

Hi everyone. I usually don’t like making plans, but I’m planning on making a make over on this site next weekend (wish me luck!) and finish a little project Fanny has been waiting for so long, and I’m sure everyone will love, anyways, so, I want your opinions, what do you think is missing on the site, and I’ll try putting it on, since, I do this site for you, not for me! Post a comment here or send an e-mail to with the subject Suggestion, okay?

More Character banners

Posted by Annie on
September 24th, 2003

Character banner number 3: Koyuki

More on Jada’s character in Collateral (Thanks to Betty)

It’s hard to figure out scheduling-wise. I’m starting a movie now,’ she [Jada Pinkett Smith] notes, referring to Michael Mann’s “Collateral’ thriller with Tom Cruise (as a hit man) and Jamie Foxx. Jada’s deep into researching her role as a state’s attorney. Shooting begins in October — which is also when Jada will take on promotional duty for the November release “Matrix Reloaded.

TLS banners!!

Posted by Annie on
September 23rd, 2003

They are extrodinary:

poster 1Poster 2

Any thoughts? Besides why Tom’s name is on top of the K Watanabe poster

And, a big thanks to sebastian for this: TOM CRUISE AOL VIDEO

TLS pics

Posted by Annie on
September 22nd, 2003

Two more pictures from TLS (Thanks to Architect) though none with Tom in it:

People Magazine

Posted by Annie on
September 21st, 2003

Pictures of Tom from People magazine, where he is also named one of their best dressed (he was named best dressed by People last year too, by the way)

picture one —-
picture two

Movie News

Posted by Annie on
September 20th, 2003

The Last Samurai is officially rated R for extreme voilence and battle scenes. Usually, this means, in US, 17+, UK 15+ and Canada, 14+

And a nice little article about Shattered Glass (executive producer Tom Cruise)

Casting call

Posted by Annie on
September 19th, 2003

Someone posted this on the forum, definetely interesting:

Look what I found online. It’s so cool if anybody is interested you could work with Cruise.

“COLLATERAL”, a new thriller from Dreamworks Pictures, is now casting for production in October. Sudmission deadline has been extended to September 19th.

WHO’S INVOLVED: This major film will star Tom Cruise and will be produced by Frank Darabont (“Salton Sea”) and Robert Fried (“Godzilla”). It will be directed by Michael Mann (“Ali”, “Manhunter” ). Speaking parts and background roles are both available.

THE PLOT: “Collateral” is about an L.A. cab driver named Max who realizes that the guy he’s been driving around all day (Cruise) is a contract killer who’s been committing a series of murders. It’s now up to Max to stop the hit man from killing the last witness…as well as himself.

PRODUCTION DATES: October – December, 2003

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Dreamworks Pictures


Transportation, meals, and accomodations will be provided. Both non-SAG and SAG actors are encouraged.



“Felix”, Caucasian, 20s – 30s. A stylishly-dressed, smooth-talking young guy who likes to hang out at clubs and has ties to the underworld. He’s cunning and cynical but can be charming. SUPPORTING ROLE.

“Daniel”, Caucasian, 30s – 40s. A young, respectable-looking ordinary suburban family man who seems to be hiding a secret. He’s one of the planned victims on the hit man’s list.

“Plainclothes Cop”, any ethnicity, 30s – 40s. Calm-headed, unassuming, courageous and dedicated L.A.P.D. officer who can blend in with a crowd of people when neccessary.

“Young Professional Man”, any ethnicity, 20s – 30s. A clean-cut, hip L.A. yuppie type.

“Morgue Attendant”, any ethnicity, 30s – 40s. Eccentric, disheveled.

“Gang Member”, African-American or Latino, 18 – 20s. Tough but articulate, intelligent.

“Dedrosa”, Latino, 20s – 30s. Suave, slick, unsentimental, cold-hearted guy. SUPPORTING ROLE.

“Pissed Off Driver”, any ethnicity, 20s – 30s. Loud and hot-tempered working-class man.


“Ida”, Caucasian, 20s – 30s. A manipulative, alluring young woman who knows how to get what she wants. She gets mixed up with the wrong people.

“Waitress”, any ethnicity, 20s – 30s. Attractive, flirtatious, kind-hearted and peppy, a bit gullib

“Crime Scene Cop”, any ethnicity, 20s – 30s. Stern, no-nonsense L.A. policewoman who works with detectives to determine the cause of a crime. Rational and unemotional.

“FBI Agent #2”, any ethnicity, 30s – 40s. Sharp, polished, professional, highly competent female federal agent. She’s driven to prove herself.

For casting details, send email by September 19th to


Posted by Annie on
September 18th, 2003

Hm…, now it’s better!! People Fanny and I enjoy feedback! Posting a comment is free and painless!

Now, let’s get to work…, interested in Tom’s new look? I know you are….
pics are here:
Thanks Cátia for letting me know!


Posted by Annie on
September 18th, 2003

What? Not a single comment on the new pictures??? I’m taking that you don’t want more….. 😉

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