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Just added some more Wedding Pictures. There are pictures and news from the wedding featured in the current People’s and Hola issue (that I know of, there’s probably a lot more magazines with them). We need scans as I don’t get those magazines here in Brazil. If anyone has those and can scan, please email me!

Let’s see the pictures!

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Tom and Katie’s cruise on the tug of love

It’s kinda gossipy, but I thought it was cool

“It may look more like an ocean-going tug, but this is the super-yacht Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have commandeered for their honeymoon.

The newlyweds are sailing around the Maldives in the converted ice-breaker, Arctic P, which has been given every possible fixture and fitting.

The yacht belongs to Australia’s richest man, James Packer, who heads a media and gambling empire and is a close friend of the Mission Impossible star.

Cruise and Holmes were today reported to be anchored “within sight of Male”, the capital of the 1,000-plus island group.

A source familiar with the couple’s itinerary, said: “The yacht is not far from the main resorts in the Male area… they are going to stay on board and visit various islands.” The couple will also have plenty of opportunities to go scubadiving in the Indian Ocean.

Originally built as a commercial vessel in the Sixties, the Arctic P was converted in the Nineties for Packer’s late father, Kerry, most famous for gambling millions of pounds at casinos and setting up his own international cricket competition.

Cruise, 44, and Holmes, 27, stayed on the yacht when they travelled to Australia for the tycoon’s funeral in February, when Holmes was pregnant with baby Suri.

The £6.5 million Arctic P is 87 metres long and boasts a swimming pool, a helipad, huge television screens and a satellite tower. It is often spotted berthed at Garden Island near Woolloomooloo in Sydney, but it is not expected back there again until early next year.

Packer, 39, and his partner Erica Baxter, a model and singer, were among the guests at Cruise and Holmes’s £5million wedding at the Castello Odescalchi, outside Rome, on Saturday. It has been reported that Packer has converted to the newlyweds’ Scientology faith.

And when the honeymoon is over, Katie has a £26,000 dollar bed to look forward to. Cruise bought the Hastens bed, built by hand with all natural materials, as a wedding gift. ”


E! News Special

Mariana has sent the video from E! New Special: Tom & Katie Wedding!


You will need WinRar to descompact the video. You can download it for free at (just scroll down and choose your language, then install the program. It’s free to use, you don’t have to buy it!)


People has pictures of the wedding, the cake and the kiss! Go check them out, we’ll upload lots of pics here later so watch the site as well!
The kiss!

The first dance to Fleetwood Mac's ballad

Cutting the cake

Tom & Katie went on their honeymoon

Mission: Honeymoon! After being mobbed by fans and paparazzi, TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES are now jetting away on a private getaway and we have the latest details.

After a lavish ceremony witnessed by approximately 150 friends and family, the star couple pulled an ‘M:i:III’-style exit to avoid the paparazzi. Tom and Katie slipped out at 5 a.m. the next morning to make their honeymoon trip, reportedly to a beautiful Maldives holiday resort in the Indian Ocean.

According to US Weekly Tom, Katie and baby SURI arrived by private jet at the international airport on Hulhule island at 9.30 p.m. The trio waited on the plane while one of the members of their party processed their passports with immigration.
Once cleared, Tom, Katie, Suri and three bodyguards were reportedly rushed to a nearby jetty and climbed aboard a speedboat to take them out to their luxury yacht, which a source tells Us is made for five and seven-star holiday resorts with facilities tailor-made for their guests. Onlookers reportedly saw the happy couple smiling a lot, holding hands and kissing baby Suri on the head.

No word on how long the newlyweds will spend their honeymoon in the Maldives, but a source tells Us that they went to great lengths to keep their honeymoon a private affair and reportedly even changed their plans five times the weekend before their big day. [as reported by TheInsiderOnline]

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are spending their honeymoon yachting around the Maldives, a source in the idyllic Indian Ocean island chain said on Tuesday, but it won’t all be smooth sailing.

The couple are anchored off the island capital Male aboard luxury yacht the Arctic P and plan to visit a host of the tiny palm-fringed islands, the source told Reuters.

“The yacht they’re in is anchored within sight of Male,” said one source familiar with the couple’s itinerary who declined to be named because of strict privacy policies. “The yacht is not far from the main resorts in the Male area… They are going to stay on board and visit various islands.”

The Maldives is a chain of 1,200 mostly uninhabited islands renowned for its luxury resorts, sun-kissed beaches and world class scuba diving. The skies were cloudy however on Tuesday, and Website forecast scattered thunderstorms for the archipelago until the Cruises’ departure on November 28.

Government officials said they were not keeping tabs on the couple during their stay. “Is there a reason why we should be doing this? If someone wants their privacy and if there’s no particular reason why we should be invading their privacy, we shouldn’t,” said Chief Government Spokesman Mohamed Shareef.

The Arctic P is a former ice-breaker rebuilt into a super-yacht by late Australian media moghul Kerry Packer. It now belongs to his son, James Packer, a close friend of Cruise who attended the couple’s star-studded wedding in Italy on Saturday.

BrandonSun: “Yes, they are here, I can confirm that,” chief government spokesman Mohamed Hussain Shareef told The Associated Press by telephone from the capital, Male. “They have gone to one of the islands, but this is very, very secret,” he said.


A video from ABC News can be seen here

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