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Tom to appear on Marie Claire magazine cover!

Posted by Annie on
October 28th, 2003

I got the article at the Entertainment Weekly website. Subscribers to the magazine like me can read it online here. Oh and don’t forget to stop by at the official website for the magazine in order to view and vote for the two different covers and which one you like best. It’s a tough choice though. :) By the way the issue will hit US newsstands on November 4th.

‘Collateral’ Damage
Tom Cruise dishes on Kidman, Cruz — Marie Claire’s first-ever cover boy has only nice things to say about his ex and his current squeeze by Gary Susman

HAIR TODAY GONE TOMORROW Cruise shaved the beard he grew for ”Last Samurai”

Tom Cruise opens up a little bit in talking about his split from Nicole Kidman, though he has only nice things to say about his wife of nearly 10 years. ”I had great times with Nic,” he tells Marie Claire magazine. ”We had some great times. And that’s what I think about.” He’s still cryptic, though, about the reasons behind their split in early 2001. ”Whatever happened, happened, OK? You move on.”

He’s moved on, of course, to ”Vanilla Sky” costar Penelope Cruz, and while he says he has no plans to marry his squeeze of close to two years, he says he does enjoy ”doing romantic things” for her. For instance? ”I surprise Penelope with different things. She’ll come home, and I’ll have her favorite kind of food made, have a bath drawn. I like doing stuff like that. She likes my food, so I cook for her,” he tells Marie Claire. ”It’s always the little things I like in a relationship.”

Until this month, the 10-year-old U.S. version of the French magazine had never had a man on the cover, but now, Cruise has appeared twice; the magazine is appearing on newsstands with two alternate Cruise covers, one a color portrait, the other black and white. Cruise’s hair has also been drained of color; his locks have been frosted gray for the currently shooting ”Collateral,” in which he plays his first truly villainous role, as a hitman. Gone is the beard he sported for months during the shooting of ”The Last Samurai,” which opens December 5.

New pics

Posted by Annie on
October 27th, 2003

I scanned the July 21st, 2003 issue of People magazine today which included an exclusive interview of Tom, an article that he had written himself about his struggle to read. It’s a rather interesting article so be sure to check out the scans with some nice photos included in the gallery.
Ps: For some reason the autothumbnailer won’t work for me, so that’s why you see those temporary images. Please excuse this.


Posted by Annie on
October 26th, 2003

New layout! To celebrate our first year online, we’ve opened on Halloween, I decided to make a new layout!! Let me know what you guys think!
Thanks for all your support during this time! It means the world to me, and I know Fanny and Janine too!


Posted by Annie on
October 25th, 2003

First of all, welcome Janine

Second, Tom’s look in Collateral

Discuss here

Cinema scans

Posted by Annie on
October 24th, 2003

As promised I scanned the article in the latest Cinema magazine, I have them up at another site currently since I don’t have the permission to upload to the gallery here as of yet but that will change soon.

Anyway find the scans here – they are labeled as “lastsamurai02 – 08″.


Posted by Annie on
October 23rd, 2003

I have both trailers, in high resolution, for download at the Movies page. You can download it to your computer if you have slow connection.

The Last Samurai Trailer

Posted by Annie on
October 23rd, 2003

First, thanks Annie for introducing me.
While surfing around in order to watch new trailers I noticed that has the official The Last Samurai Trailer up since yesterday. You can find and watch it in three different resolutions here. Enjoy, I know I will.

Also, the official website for the movie has been updated with new photos.


Posted by Annie on
October 23rd, 2003

May I introduce you, our new co-web, Janine. Welcome aboard!

Cinema Magazine

Posted by Annie on
October 23rd, 2003

The new issue of the German Cinema magazine which would be the November issue has Tom in full “The Last Samurai” gear on the cover and a 5 page spread in the magazine with new promotional photos, I will have the scans tomorrow and the translation of the arcticle will follow afterwards.
Finally I made my first post here. :)

New pictures!

Posted by Annie on
October 22nd, 2003
  • Thanks to architect (from the Boards) we have some *GREAT* new promotional pictures from TLS here.
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