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Blu-Ray Quality from A Few Good Men (I kinda went a little overboard on the caps and made too many!), plus some stills:

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For his first two features, Tron: Legacy and Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski created fantastical, futuristic worlds with the sleek, glossy style he transferred from the world of commercials. A potential third feature, however, will bring him back to reality, along with his previous star.

According to The Wrap, Kosinski is looking to reteam with his Oblivion star Tom Cruise on a former Michael Mann project, Go Like Hell. Set up at 20th Century Fox, the project comes from an A.J. Baime novel that tackles the early 1960′s rivalry between Ford and companies like Ferrari to break out of the consumer car marketplace and into that of the European racing world. While no deals are signed yet, Cruise would play the role of Henry Ford II, who spearheaded the transition by creating Le Mans.
While Kosinski had a proven knack for visuals, his storytelling abilities often come up lacking, so hopefully this true tale, scripted by Jason Keller, could be a strong match. It’s not a topic I have particular interest in, but Fox thinks they have something here, so we’ll have to see if it moves forward.


New Layouts!

Posted by Annie on
October 23rd, 2013

Hello everyone! We have brand new matching themes for the site and gallery, designed by the talented Carol from Sin21 Designs has been online for 13 years now (though I started with another name) and this is the 27th version. Hope you enjoy!

Tom attended the Hugh Jackman… One Night Only Benefit yesterday, here are pictures!

Good news! Mission: Impossible 5 has a director! Still no release date though.

Paramount and Skydance Productions today confirmed that Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher, The Way Of The Gun) will direct the next installment of their Mission: Impossible franchise. McQuarrie Tweeted the message “Mission: Accepted” and will reunite in the pic with his Jack Reacher star Tom Cruise. Deadline’s Mike Fleming first reported that McQuarrie was being eyed to direct the action sequel which will see franchise star Tom Cruise return as super spy Ethan Hunt. “The Mission series is special for its signature directors; Chris McQuarrie keeps this tradition thriving,” said Paramount Film Group President Adam Goodman. Drew Pearce is scripting the pic for Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions with Cruise and JJ Abrams‘ Bad Robot also producing. McQuarrie is repped by CAA.


Comic-Con Pictures

Posted by Annie on
July 20th, 2013

Pictures from Tom at this year’s Comic-Con where he’s promoting Edge of Tomorrow are up!

Recap from, plus the new poster!

Click for bigger one!

Once I get over my bitterness of the title change from All You Need Is Kill to the tamer but more descriptive Edge of Tomorrow, I think it could be an incredibly entertaining sci-fi action film. It’s been described to me as “Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers”, and the footage we saw definitely conveyed that. Also, mech suits make everything better. Just imagine how much better Terms of Endearment would have been with mech suits.

Producer Erwin Stoff, writer Christopher McQuarrie, director Doug Liman, Emily Blunt, and Tom Cruise take the stage. “Congratulations on being Tom Cruise. That’s awesome,” says moderator Chris Hardwick. We then get to see the first trailer for the film.

It’s a dramatic trailer than felt a bit derivative because it used the same song from the trailer for another alien invasion flick, Battle: Los Angeles. But once you set the marketing similarities aside, you have what could be a very exciting film thanks to the mech suits. I don’t want to boil it down to that, but these trailers are designed to sell action more than plot, and what leaped out to me is that everything isn’t high-tech. One scene has Cruise in his mech suit crawling up a speeding car, and it’s a regular car going through a back country road. It’s an eye-catching blend of future tech and a real setting where “real” is divorced from it’s usually accompanying adjective “gritty”. It’s important to note that the story and character weren’t completely forgotten, and it looked good as well, and I’m intrigued by the relationship between Cruise and Blunt’s characters.

After the lights come up, Liman provides brief recap of the plot, the story takes place in the future, and Cruise’s character has the ability to relive the day, and it’s a critical day when human soldiers are fighting against an alien force. “It’s so rare to find a piece of material that’s so original and also so satisfying,” says Liman.

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Tom Cruise is at Comic-Con this year promoting Edge of Tomorrow. Some footage of the movie was shown (and I’d love to see it online!). Pictures are coming up next, here’s an article from Empire:

Just when we thought there could be no more excitement in Hall H this morning, Edge Of Tomorrow appeared on the big screen and producer Erwin Stoff, writer Chris McQuarrie, director Doug Liman, actress Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise turned up to talk about it. Things kicked off when Cruise duetted with moderator Chris Hardwicke after learning that they’d both played Stacie Jaxx in Rock Of Ages.

“It’s set just a few years in the future,” says McQuarrie of the story, “and Cruise’s character develops a very special power to relive a day, and it happens to be a day when a very crucial battle is happening between humanity and an invading alien force. It’s hard to find a piece of material as original as this film is but still satisfying in the way this film is.”

“We did a couple of months preparation beforehand,” said Blunt, “and I learned krav maga and everything you could imagine. Every day we’d have to get trained up because the suits were really heavy to wear so if you didn’t stay fit you’d throw your back out. Doug said our personalities did a 180 as soon as we put the suits on. We’d go from being gregarious to being snappy.”

“I always wanted to work with Doug Liman,” said Cruise. “I think what he does with genre is unique; he turns it on its head. Chris McQuarrie’s script and what they did with the structure was unique. The alien invasion film is now a trope; people understand the language of the genre so we can get into the character journey. The film is emotional and has a tremendous amount of action. And to work with Emily – they call her Valkyrie One; the soldiers call her the Full-Metal Bitch in the film, affectionately. It’s a great romantic story also. Bill Paxton is in the house, and he’s in the film with us.”

“Bil (Cruise’s character)l is a guy who’s having a very easy war, who’s overseeing army PR, and through a series of mistakes he makes he ends up in an exo-skeleton fighting this war,” explains Cruise of his character. “He’s basically a coward, and Tom Cruise makes a brilliant coward,” says Liman.

“This movie has a perverse humour to it that works on so many levels,” says Paxton, now onstage. “That really buoys it along. The human story is his, because he’s such a fish out of water, and I’m his character’s sergeant and basically his worst nightmare.”

“Bill’s character basically thinks winning a war and dying gloriously on the battlefield has equal value,” says Liman.

“The structure of the piece is so complex for a writer to do, and the story,” says Cruise. “How to keep the story evolving and keep the characters going in every scene is so involved. My character remembers what’s happening, but the pace never stops and the burden fell on McQ to make that work.”

“The challenge for the relationship between mine and Tom’s characters is that they’re meeting every day – he remembers what’s happened but I’m meeting him for the first time each day,” said Blunt.

“We talked a lot about the suit we’re wearing,” said Cruise. “Emily’s suit was about 85lbs and mine was about 120lbs, depending on what was on it. We were doing stunts in it and you had to learn how to fall in those things.”

“You have to understand with Tom Cruise, you hoist him 100′ and he says, “Why not higher?” He just wants people to have something they haven’t seen before,” says Liman.

Edge Of Tomorrow hits on June 6, 2014. Look out for it.

First Poster for Edge of Tomorrow

Posted by Annie on
July 15th, 2013

Hello everyone! The first poster for Edge of Tomorrow (formerly known as All You Need Is Kill) is out! The Official Facebook page is also up:

The upcoming movie Edge of Tomorrow, formerly known as “All You Need Is Kill” based on the novel by the same title. Direct by Doug Liman, the movie will have it’s first footage shown at this year’s Comic Con. Below is the full press release

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