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Chantal has sent me some cool articles confirming Tom in The Few:

From EW

  • Plane Man
    Is Tom Cruise making a follow-up to ”Top Gun”? No, but he plans to play another fighter pilot in ”The Few,” where he’d star as real-life WWII hero Billy Fiske by Gary Susman

    Once again, Tom Cruise feels the need… the need for speed. According to Variety, the ”Top Gun” star is hoping to climb back into the cockpit to play a fighter pilot in Paramount’s World War II drama ”The Few.” He’d play real-life war hero Billy Fiske, an Olympic athlete-turned-fighter pilot who led the group of American flyboys who covertly joined Britain’s Royal Air Force in 1940, well before the U.S. entered the war, violating the official American policy of neutrality and risking possible jail time. The role may also have Cruise doing something he’s never done on screen: die. Fiske was the first American pilot killed fighting the Germans.

    ”The Few” would reunite Cruise with some of his current collaborators. Directing is Michael Mann, who’s about to shoot Cruise’s first villain role in ”Collateral,” in which Cruise will play a hitman. In talks to write the script is John Logan, screenwriter of another Cruise war movie, ”The Last Samurai,” which opens in December.

    From CHUD

  • Tom Cruise is doomed! Doomed I tell you!

    Well, his character is in the latest movie he has signed on to, The Few. In the film, Tiny Tom plays Billy Fiske, the first American pilot to die in WWII (and whose son would one day go on to rule New York City crime with a chubby fist, trapped in an endless grudge match with a blind lawyer). It seems that while the US was still neutral, Fiske and a small group of Americans risked prosecution to fly Spitfires for the decimated RAF.

    The project is like a reunion – the script will probably be written by John Logan, who scripted Cruise’s winter film The Last Samurai, and it will be directed by Michael Mann, who is helming Cruise’s next film, the cab thriller Collateral.

    From Cinema Confidential

  • Cruise joins “The Few”

    Variety reports that Tom Cruise is taking it to the skies again in “The Few” for Paramount Pictures.

    Cruise will reteam with “Collateral” director Michael Mann, which will begin filming shortly. In “The Few,” Cruise will play Billy Fiske, the first American pilot killed fighting the Germans in World War II. Fiske was an Olympic athlete who was half-British, half-American. He broke U.S. rules and fought with the British against the Nazis.

    “The Last Samurai” scribe John Logan is in negotiations to pen the script based on a book by Kershaw.

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    More news…

    More tidbits from Tom making “I Married A Witch”

    “Tom Cruise, 40, is considering the starring role in the proposed remake of the 1942 romantic movie comedy “I Married a Witch,” to be directed by Danny DeVito, reports Variety. Coincidentally, Cruise’s ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, 35, is said to be the frontrunner to play Samantha — a lovely married woman who happens to be a witch — in the movie version of the ’60s sitcom, “Bewitched.” Go figure.”

    Hollywood witch project
    By LOUIS B. HOBSON — Calgary Sun

    HOLLYWOOD — Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman may soon find themselves embroiled in a battle of witches.

    Kidman has been signed to star in the big-screen version of the 1960s TV series Bewitched as Samantha, a witch who marries a mortal and is thwarted in her attempt to give up her powers and become an ordinary housewife.

    Nora Ephron, whose screenplays include When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail, is working on the adaptation.

    Before their divorce, Cruise and Kidman were planning to star together in a remake of I Married a Witch, a 1942 comedy that inspired Bewitched and featured Fredric March and Veronica Lake as a mortal and the witch he marries.

    Both Bewitched and I Married a Witch, to be directed by Danny DeVito, are being prepped for a 2004 release.

    Kidman is negotiating to star opposite Brad Pitt in the action comedy Mr. and Mrs. Smith, about a bored married couple who discover they’re actually enemy agents that have been assigned to assassinate each other. (More on Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman)

    From: Canoe

    Hollywood’s Finest…

    Every year Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue brings together a group of actors that it considers the hottest, hippest, or biggest stars in town for a photoshoot that must be a nightmare to organise. Last year, the likes of Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Connolly graced the magazine’s cover and this year it’s the boys’ turn.

    As you’d expect of any gathering of Hollywood’s finest, the usual suspects like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks are there. It’s also nice from a purely patriotic standpoint to note that just under a quarter of the line-up is taken up by British stars – namely Hugh Grant, Jude Law and Ewan McGregor, even if none of them made the crucial first panel of the three-fold cover.

    But we have to ask, what the hell are Don Cheadle and Dennis Quaid doing up there with the big guys? Did someone else drop out at the last minute? And how do you suppose Ben Affleck feels that his best mate Matt Damon got the call, and he didn’t – especially as Daredevil still reigns supreme at the top of the 2003 US box office? Come to think of it – maybe that’s how the two of them got those shiners the other day

    You can view the picture here and a clean version here.

    From: Empire Online

    Cruise Impresses New Zealand Premier
    Tue Mar 4, 7:20 PM ET

    WELLINGTON, New Zealand – New Zealand’s often flinty Prime Minister Helen Clark is the latest member of the fan club of Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise (news), local media reported Wednesday.

    Clark spent much of Tuesday with Cruise, his girlfriend Penelope Cruz (news) and his two children on the set of the “The Last Samurai” being shot near the city of New Plymouth, 320 kilometers (200 miles) from the capital, Wellington.

    The center-left politician also watched footage from the movie inside Cruise’s trailer, then posed with for a photo with the actor.

    Clark, 53, later described the Hollywood star as a “very attractive young man.”

    “I saw cuts of the film. Taranaki (the region of the filming) people will be pleased to see it on screen,” she said.

    “He’s very nice,” Clark said of Cruise.

    Clark said New Zealand will enjoy positive spin-offs from the movie. “If a film does well there’s a lot of benefits associated, like tourism,” she said.

    Cruise is in New Zealand for four months of location shooting for the NZ$180 million (US$100 million) blockbuster.

    “The Last Samurai” is set in 18th century Japan. A Japanese village set has been built, with distant dormant volcano Mt. Taranaki serving as a Mt. Fuji look-alike. About 500 Japanese extras will be flown in for battle scenes.

    From: Yahoo! News

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