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A teaser has finally been released for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. That’s the Official Title. And a brand new Official Website look + Poster. Looks like we’re getting a LOT of action! Here’s the video and caps below:

Edited to add the Poster



Tom Cruise’s Official Facebook page was updated today with a new update and the message was Light the fuse.. I’m guessing we’re getting a title and maybe a teaser or Poster image.

And the director Christopher McQuarrie Posted this on his twitter:

Mission: Impossible 5 Wraps Production

Posted by Annie on
March 13th, 2015

Director Christopher McQuarrie posted this yesterday. The movie has officially finished filming!

Mission: Impossible 5 On Set Pictures

Posted by Annie on
March 12th, 2015

Here are On Set Pictures from Mission: Impossible 5, there are pictures from August/September 2014 and January/February 2015. Enjoy!

Gallery Updates: Risky Business Screen Captures

Posted by Annie on
March 11th, 2015

From 1983, Tom plays Joel Goodsen in Risky Business, Tom’s first major role. Here are screen captures, I couldn’t find a full a 1080p version for this one, so only 720p version, sorry!:

Gallery Updates: Valkyrie Screen Captures

Posted by Annie on
March 11th, 2015

Screen Captures from the 2008 War Drama, based on a true story on a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler. Tom plays Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. Here are the caps:

Gallery Link:

Gallery Updates: The Outsiders Screen Captures

Posted by Annie on
March 11th, 2015

From 1983, The Outsiders, based on the book by the same name, one of Tom’s first roles where he plays Steve Randle, here are screen captures:

The 41st Annual Saturn Awards Nominations 2015 were announced last week and Edge of Tomorrow has received 7 nominations!

The Saturn Awards is part of the The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.]

This year’s winners will be announced at the 41st Annual Saturn Awards which takes place on June 25, 2015.

The Nominations Include:

  • Best Science Fiction Film Release
  • Best Actor in a Film for Tom Cruise
  • Best Actress in a Film for Emily Blunt
  • Best Film Writing for Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth
  • Best Film Editing for James Herbert, Laura Jennings
  • Best Film Special/Visual Effects for Gary Brozenich, Nick Davis, Jonathan Fawkner, Matthew Rouleau
  • Best Film Director for Doug Liman

Some interesting questions have been answered by the Mission: Impossible 5 director Christopher McQuarrie, tweets are after the Read More link

Last we heard, Christopher McQuarrie was retooling the ending of Mission: Impossible 5, resulting in a bit of a delay. According to the director, that’s not really accurate. McQuarrie took to Twitter for a spontaneous Q&A, fielding questions from fans of the series. The director addressed that issue with the ending, which characters won’t be back (and which ones get more screen time) and when we can expect the film’s official title and trailer.

McQuarrie answered a lot of questions during his Mission: Impossible 5 Q&A on Twitter, but he still managed to avoid offering any specific plot details. There have to be some surprises, right? Most notably, McQuarrie says that Ving Rhames’ Agent Brandt will have more screen time, and confirms that Sean Harris is the villain. He also says that when we see the first trailer, we’ll understand what it is that McQuarrie included in this film that hasn’t been in any of the previous installments. That’s pretty exciting.

He also confirms that his Jack Reacher composer Joe Kraemer is delivering a “retro” score, and that neither Paula Patton nor Maggie Q were available to return. But he does suggest that Simon Pegg’s Benji will be much more active in the field this time around.

Check out some of his best answers for more details:

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Gallery Updates: Taps Screen Captures

Posted by Annie on
February 21st, 2015

One of Tom’s first movies, Taps, from 1981, where he plays Cadet Captain David Shawn here are blu-ray screen captures:

Gallery Link:

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