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Sex with me is “like flying”, says Tom Cruise

Actor Tom Cruise has said that having sex with him is like flying.

The ‘Top Gun’ star along with actress Cameron Diaz appeared for an interview with Jay Leno on TV, in which he answered questions on his sex life, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The host asked: “Tom, I know you’re a pilot…what are you better at. Flying or sex.”

He replied: “I try to excel in all areas, and I’ve never been asked for a refund.”

And then he completed Diaz’s statement by saying that having sex with Tom is “like flying, Jay.”

During the show Cruise assured that he has never visited a strip club.

Leno enquired: “Have you ever been to a strip club?”

Cruise said: “Actually, I never have. Sorry to disappoint you.”

‘My Sister’s Keeper’ actress interjected saying, “It’s kind of hard to be Tom Cruise and go to a strip club you guys, seriously.”

However, Leno quipped: “To quote a Congressman, ‘You lie!’”


Tom Cruise-ing in the South End

Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise gave Hub fans an unexpected treat yesterday by turning up in the South End to film scenes for his latest flick at Gaslight restaurant alongside A-list hottie Cameron Diaz .

The pair star in a new action comedy, tentatively titled “Wichita.” The film features Cruise as a secret agent popping in and out of the life of single mom Diaz.

Outside Gaslight, the Academy Award-nominated heartthrob told the Inside Track that filming local scenes, including at Worcester Regional Airport, has “been a blast.”

“It’s been a great first week,” Cruise said before departing in a black Escalade. On Friday night, Katie Holmes, Daddy Cruise and little Suri had dinner at Abe & Louie’s on Boylston Street.

Some fans, such as Cara Tirrell of Ashland, grilled Cruise for pledging allegiance to the New York Yankees . Tom played it up, telling the crowd he has a lot of friends who are Red Sox fans and wants to see the Sox in the playoffs.

“We didn’t even know he was there,” said Tirrell, a 37-year-old mental health clinician. “We just stumbled onto the scene.”

Cruise and Diaz also will film a post-plane-crash scene in Bridgewater. However, a chunk of an old Boeing 727 slated for the set was nearly derailed Friday after being stuck on a flatbed truck in Longmeadow for about 18 hours.

The fuselage was being sent from North Carolina to Bridgewater for inclusion in an explosion scene on a 263-acre corn field.

Longmeadow police Lt. Gary Fontaine said the truck carrying the fuselage remained parked at a rest area on Route 5, where “it wasn’t blocking traffic,” before being escorted by state police to Bridgewater between 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. Friday afternoon.

The truck driver told WWLP Ch. 22 News that the trip, which should take two days, has taken nearly two weeks. The network reported the delay was because the driver was awaiting state permits.


Tom & Katie Wish Jay Leno Sweet Success With His New Show

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have wished their pal Jay Leno sweet success with his new primetime television show, which kicks off tonight.

A source close to “The Jay Leno Show” told Access Hollywood that the supercouple sent Jay and his staff almost 200 cupcakes with their good luck wishes as the comedian gets set to debut “The Jay Leno Show” on Monday night.

Tom and Katie purchased the cupcakes and a coconut cake from Sprinkles, a celeb-friendly cupcake shop in Beverly Hills.

The cupcakes are the second time Tom has shown his early support of his buddy Jay.

The talk show host revealed that Tom previously showed his enthusiasm for “The Jay Leno Show’s” racetrack, a new segment for the program which sees celebs compete for the fastest time.

“I’ve told it to a number of stars and, as a matter of fact, even Tom Cruise called and said ‘Can I get in early and practice?’ I said ‘No, nobody gets to practice,’” Jay recounted in August to a Television Critics Associate panel in Pasadena. “The fun thing about it, there’s a lot of people, [which] people want to see, perhaps athletes and people like this who are not good talkers but would be fun in this sort of environment – to see if Shaquille O’Neal is faster than Cameron Diaz.”

And in fact, Cameron Diaz is coming to Leno’s show. She and Tom will appear on his program together on Tuesday evening.


Tom Cruise To Narrate Racing Film

Tom Cruise has never forgotten when he made the racing movie, “Days of Thunder.”

Cruise will narrate an upcoming documentary about a NASCAR racer. The film is called “Together: The Hendrick Motorsports Story.” It will air October 11 on ABC before the
network begins its coverage of the Sprint Cup Series race at California.

Cruise became friendly with Hendrick when he did some consulting for “Days of Thunder.” Cruise and his family have been Hendrick’s guest at races the past several years.


Jay Leno Show

“The Jay Leno Show” has firmed up its guest list for the first week, and unsurprisingly it has several A-list names.

Tom Cruise will join Leno on the show’s second night, Tuesday, Sept. 15. He’ll also inaugurate a comedy bit called “10 at 10,” in which guests answer a series of ten rapid-fire questions. (Think the old “Daily Show” segment “Five Questions,” times two.)

Tuesday, Sept. 15: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise to Star in “Halo”?

Not sure how true this is, but….

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Tom Cruise flew all the way to New Zealand to meet with Peter Jackson. The reason for his trip is unknown, but it’s safe to assume that it’s business related. And we can only guess at what that business could be.

We know that Jackson is a producer on the upcoming “The Hobbit” prequels and that both he and director Guillermo Del Toro have already chosen their Bilbo Baggins. There is no contract in place because they wanted to wait until the script was ready and to give their star a chance to look at it. Ian McKellen recently revealed that the chosen actor will be getting the script this week. And it just so happens that Cruise is flying to New Zealand during this time. Coincidence?

The other reason why Cruise may be meeting with Jackson is to star in his “Tintin” sequel. Steven Spielberg is developing the first film and it will soon be time for Jackson to begin work on the second installment.

And finally, the biggest assumption of all. Could Cruise be the missing piece needed to push forward with a “Halo” movie?

We know that Jackson was previously involved in turning the popular game into a feature film and that Spielberg recently announced that he’s interested in the franchise as well. The only problem is that Microsoft doesn’t want to fund the movie and don’t want to give up too many percentage points to a studio. So could a team of Jackson, Spielberg, and Cruise change Microsoft’s mind?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, TheOneRing