Written by Annie

Good evening!! Tom was at the London Premiere of Collateral today, Pictures Are Here!!, and he was also on UK’s TRL, pictures of TRL are here.

Have fun!!

Sep 02, 2004
Written by Annie

Hey guys! Just because I love you all, I’m up, at 3am, uploading those pictures for you :)

  • Berlin
  • Berlin: Meeting in the City Hall
  • Madrid: Photocall
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • And, the best ones of all, thanks to Mariana, Tom in Paris after his meeting with French Finance Minister Nicolas Sarkozy
  • Enjoy!!

    Sep 02, 2004
    Written by Annie

    Tom is in Berlin today and will be in London tomorrow for the movie premieres! Go see him if you can!!

    Sep 01, 2004
    Written by Annie

    So apparently Tom decided not to hold the German “Collateral” in Cologne, instead the premiere will take place later today in Berlin. Before the event Tom will be meeting with German politician and mayor of Berlin Wowereit.
    Hmmm, this keeps me thinking that maybe this decision has something to do with the M:I-3 shooting. Well, we’ll see.

    Sep 01, 2004
    Written by Annie
  • Collateral had another nice weekend. It came in number 6, with $6,470,109 and a -36.3% drop, pushing it’s total to $80,758,614 and its WW total to $4,857,811 ($85,616,425 ).
  • A couple of videos from the Paris premiere. Click here and here to see it.
  • Wanna read the War of the Worlds online? Click here
  • Aug 31, 2004
    Written by Annie

    Hello everyone! I’m feeling better, thanks for all your messages! You all rock!
    Tom attended to the Paris premiere Collateral this afternoon, here are pictures, and, other pictures aswell! I was going to add some more, but my mouse’s batteries died and using the tap mouse to edit pictures is impossible! Enjoy these ones!

  • Collateral Premiere: Paris
  • Collateral Premiere: Mexico
  • Collateral Press Conference: Mexico
  • Collateral Premiere: LA
  • The View (Thanks Gertie
  • TRL
  • Tom is on the brazilian magazine Contigo, I havent been able to scan the rest yet, but this is the only new pic, the others are from the movie. Catia has sent me all the scans, but they’re on my other computer
  • .

  • Tom is also on the current Entertaiment Weekly (Thanks Charlene for the scans!!):
    click to view big one
  • Aug 31, 2004
    Written by Annie

    According to express.de the German Collateral premiere will take place in Cologne at the Cinedom cinema on September 1st.
    The website also claims that Tom wanted to have the premiere taken place in Cologne rather than in Berlin. No word on his fellow co-stars, but director Michael Mann will be present. Tom will be signing autographs and posing for photos for 2 hours.
    At 12am he will be attending a press conference only to arrive for the premiere at 6pm.

    Too bad I live in Munich I have to throw in and too bad that the UK prem is on September 2nd cuz I’m coming back from London on August 20th. Nothing ever works out for me does it? *lol*

    Aug 15, 2004
    Written by Annie

    Here are some confirmed premieres for Collateral. I dont have any other date yet, but I will be posting whenever we have any information!

  • August 19th: Mexico. According to this website, Tom will be doing a press conference in Ciudad de Mexico and then will go to the Premiere. (Check the site for more info!!)
  • September 2nd: At the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square.
  • Also, MTV Europe has a competition to meet Tom and attend to the London premiere. Check your country’s MTV website for more info (if you don’t know the url, check mtveurope.com) – Thanks to the visitor who submited the info on the premiere, but you didnt leave your name :)

    Aug 14, 2004
    Written by Annie
  • Some pictures of Tom leaving the Kate Mantilini Restaurant this sunday
  • Pictures of Tom on Jay Leno!!
  • Many people are e-mailing me asking for videos from Tom’s appearences. I can try getting them, and Fanny can make clips of some, but we have no place to host those videos, I can’t put there here at this server, so, if anyone can host any video, use the contact form (click on my name below) and let me know!

    Aug 10, 2004
    Written by Annie
  • ‘Collateral’ Cruises to Top Spot

    Good guy or bad guy, Tom Cruise is still No. 1. Cruise’s “Collateral,” in which he plays a psychotic hit man who hijacks a taxi for a one-night killing spree, debuted as the top weekend movie with $24.7 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.

    While the R-rated “Collateral” did only about half the opening-weekend business of Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible” movies, its debut was in line with his last two R-rated films, 2003’s “The Last Samurai” ($24.3 million) and 2001’s “Vanilla Sky” ($25 million).

    With good reviews and an older target audience, “Collateral” has potential to hold well at the box office in the coming weeks. Sixty percent of the audience was older than 25, according to distributor DreamWorks, and upcoming releases such as “Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” and “Alien vs. Predator” appeal to younger crowds.

    “This one has the opportunity to continue to play,” said Jim Tharp, DreamWorks head of distribution. “I don’t think there’s direct competition especially for the older audience until late September.”

    This marks as Cruise’s 12th film in a row to open at number one at the box office.

  • Here is the international report for Collateral box office.

    Collateral opened day-and-date with the U.S. last weekend in four Asian markets and has very strong results. The Tom Cruise thriller was most potent in Taiwan with a $329,834 debut from 51 screens. With previews Collateral grabbed $432,686 there. In Thailand the film grossed $203,292 on 52 while Hong Kong was better with $280,858 on 28. In the Philippines the Michael Mann helmed production produced $168,983 on 71. The film totaled $982,967 for the weekend off 202 screens.

  • Cruise was on Leno last night. Pics will be in gallery tonight.
  • Aug 10, 2004
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