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Tom’s Vacation/Box office

Posted by Annie on
September 8th, 2004
  • Tom delights Croats

    SOME visitors to the ancient Croatian city of Dubrovnik this week brought back an unexpected souvenir: a photo with Tom Cruise, who came for a brief visit after promoting a new movie at the Venice Film Festival.

    Cruise told reporters he was “fascinated” with Dubrovnik, a picturesque southern coastal city, whose ancient walls, fortresses and churches have attracted tourists for decades.

    “I’ll certainly be back,” he was quoted by saying by Tuesday daily newspapers.

    He toured the city and the nearby wooded island of Mljet, almost unnoticed.

    When reporters spotted him, sitting by the monument of Dubrovnik’s famous poet, Ivan Gundulic, he briefly spoke to them, signed autographs and posed for a few photos He agreed to be photographed with a couple of tourists, then slipped away.

    Several Croatian newspapers published a photo of Cruise with two female tourists, reportedly from the United States.

    Cruise, who was accompanied by his mother, came two days after promoting his new movie, Collateral, at the film festival in neighbouring Italy. He left Croatia earlier today.

    Of course, we have pictures! Click here to view them.

  • Collateral had a good Labour Day weekend at the box office. It’s 4 day weekend total came to $6,480,801 with a 0.2% increase bringing its total to date to $89,272,014. Its worldwide total (including domestic gross) is $98,885,080 .
  • A few updates on the appearances list. Check it out
  • Parkinson/Venice

    Posted by Annie on
    September 6th, 2004
  • Extra has a video of Tom Cruise at the Venice Film Festival. Click here to watch it.

  • There are a few more videos from the Venice film Festival:

  • Photocall
  • Red Carpet
  • Cruise was on Parkinson’s new show over the weekend. Here’s a Video clip and you can read a transcript here
  • Stay tuned for a new video next week. If you’ve got a video you’d like to submit, contact either Annie or myself.
  • Venice Film Festival

    Posted by Annie on
    September 3rd, 2004
  • Tom Cruise was the 61st Annual Venice Film Festival today to promote Collateral. We’re adding pictures as we get ’em. These are gorgeous. Click here to view the pictures.

  • More from the London preem.

    It was all hands on deck last night in Leicester Square as a veritable horde of screaming fans descended on the capital, anxiously clutching their Cruise photos for Tom to sign, and checking that their mums were still on speed-dial, should the Cruiser be available for personal calls. And that was just the journalists. The fans stretched as far as the eye could see and the ear could hear, and boy, were there a lot of them behind the specially reinforced barriers.

    Anxious to reclaim the crown of “King of the Red Carpet” from Will “let’s do the show right here!” Smith and his pop stylings, Tom Cruise arrived in a red-and-yellow LA City cab (as seen in the movie) at 17.50GMT by Empire’s watch. He proceeded to shake hands, sign autographs, pose for pictures and chat up people at the other end of the phone until 20.40 GMT. By our reckoning, that’s an impressive two hours and fifty minutes, beating his Last Samurai marathon of two hours and twenty minutes hands down and setting a new benchmark for superstars at these events.

    “I had a great time,” said the man behind the grin. “There’s a lot of good wishes out there tonight.” Not least, it seems, from his colleagues, who were big fans of Cruise. “I knew Tom Cruise from Jerry Maguire, where I read for Jerry Maguire with Tom in order for him to accept the movie,” explained Jamie Foxx. “Then Cuba Gooding went on to win the Oscar so we already had a relationship. When we hit the ground we hit the ground running.”

  • Tom Cruise in Europe! Click here to watch a video.
  • Venice

    Posted by Annie on
    September 3rd, 2004

    Tom is Venice today for the Venice Festival!! I will post pictures later tonight.

    London Premiere

    Posted by Annie on
    September 2nd, 2004

    Good evening!! Tom was at the London Premiere of Collateral today, Pictures Are Here!!, and he was also on UK’s TRL, pictures of TRL are here.

    Have fun!!

    Premiere Pictures!!

    Posted by Annie on
    September 2nd, 2004

    Hey guys! Just because I love you all, I’m up, at 3am, uploading those pictures for you :)

  • Berlin
  • Berlin: Meeting in the City Hall
  • Madrid: Photocall
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • And, the best ones of all, thanks to Mariana, Tom in Paris after his meeting with French Finance Minister Nicolas Sarkozy
  • Enjoy!!

    Berlin and London Premiere

    Posted by Annie on
    September 1st, 2004

    Tom is in Berlin today and will be in London tomorrow for the movie premieres! Go see him if you can!!

    “Collateral” premiere in Germany

    Posted by Annie on
    September 1st, 2004

    So apparently Tom decided not to hold the German “Collateral” in Cologne, instead the premiere will take place later today in Berlin. Before the event Tom will be meeting with German politician and mayor of Berlin Wowereit.
    Hmmm, this keeps me thinking that maybe this decision has something to do with the M:I-3 shooting. Well, we’ll see.

    Box office/Paris Premiere

    Posted by Annie on
    August 31st, 2004
  • Collateral had another nice weekend. It came in number 6, with $6,470,109 and a -36.3% drop, pushing it’s total to $80,758,614 and its WW total to $4,857,811 ($85,616,425 ).
  • A couple of videos from the Paris premiere. Click here and here to see it.
  • Wanna read the War of the Worlds online? Click here
  • Pictures!

    Posted by Annie on
    August 31st, 2004

    Hello everyone! I’m feeling better, thanks for all your messages! You all rock!
    Tom attended to the Paris premiere Collateral this afternoon, here are pictures, and, other pictures aswell! I was going to add some more, but my mouse’s batteries died and using the tap mouse to edit pictures is impossible! Enjoy these ones!

  • Collateral Premiere: Paris
  • Collateral Premiere: Mexico
  • Collateral Press Conference: Mexico
  • Collateral Premiere: LA
  • The View (Thanks Gertie
  • TRL
  • Tom is on the brazilian magazine Contigo, I havent been able to scan the rest yet, but this is the only new pic, the others are from the movie. Catia has sent me all the scans, but they’re on my other computer
  • .

  • Tom is also on the current Entertaiment Weekly (Thanks Charlene for the scans!!):
    click to view big one
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